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Apple's new patent shows a Mac computer in the form of a keyboard

BingMag.com <b>Apple's</b> <b>new</b> <b>patent</b> <b>shows</b> a <b>Mac</b> <b>computer</b> in the <b>form</b> of a keyboard

Apple filed a patent in 2020 that displays a computer in the form of a keyboard, but today we saw the release of the details.

In August 2020, Apple filed a patent with the United States patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). This patent, unlike all the other patents filed by the American company, looks very interesting and innovative because it shows the keyboard that can be a Mac laptop.

It seems like it should be Consider this product a Mac mini computer that can be as complete, powerful, and equipped as a system. Only its appearance is such that we can not imagine at all that we are on the side of a system. According to the description in the patent, this product is a "computer in the form of an input product." Powerful products within a keyboard that were patented by Apple in response to high demand for powerful but portable products.

Of course, patent designs usually take several years to complete. The real world is present. The production of many of these products will be completely canceled and we will never see their presence in the market. Regarding the new Apple computer, we can not say for sure that we will see it in the market. Currently, the only thing we have is a patent filed in 2020.

The description of this patent also states that high demand for powerful and portable products reduces size and weight Devices that one day with a very large size and high energy consumption, met the needs of users.

BingMag.com <b>Apple's</b> <b>new</b> <b>patent</b> <b>shows</b> a <b>Mac</b> <b>computer</b> in the <b>form</b> of a keyboard BingMag.com <b>Apple's</b> <b>new</b> <b>patent</b> <b>shows</b> a <b>Mac</b> <b>computer</b> in the <b>form</b> of a keyboard

But on this small keyboard, the American company can fit everything inside a laptop. These include the CPU, battery, RAM, integrated boards, etc., so that the user only needs a cable that can be connected to the monitor to use it. Apple, however, was not satisfied with this and added the information in the relevant patent that to prevent the keyboard from overheating, materials will be used in its construction that can have a very good performance in temperature distribution.

This patent reaches its peak of attractiveness when you know that it will be possible to fold it to take up less space than before. It is also possible to use even one trackpad inside the keyboard so that the user does not even need a mouse.

The patent does not indicate a type of product, but considers the possibilities that can be Due to that, it had a powerful keyboard-shaped hardware. Various forms of this product can be considered, but it is not clear which form will be approved in the end. Of course, this patent does not prove anything, and as mentioned, we can not say that the American company is working on such a product. But imagining such a product can be interesting.

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