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Apple's most expensive new MacBook Pro is priced at $ 6,000

BingMag.com Apple's most expensive new MacBook Pro is priced at $ 6,000

Apple held its unleashed event last night, at which Apple, after a year, finally got rid of its two new laptops, the MacBook Peru unveiled 14-inch and 16-inch sizes with a new look and powerful chips. These MacBooks are equipped with HDMI port, three 4th generation Thunderbolt ports, SD card slot, upgraded headphone jack and Magusif charger. But most importantly, they use the new M1 Pro and M1 Max processors. As Apple emphasized at the event, the new MacBook Pro models are two of the world's laptop superpowers. These products will be available with a starting price of $ 1999.

The base price of the 14-inch MacBook Pro starts at $ 1,999.99 and the 16-inch MacBook Pro starts at $ 2.499. You can even add a lot more CPU, internal memory and RAM to your laptop, which will naturally increase the price.


Model The base of the 14-inch MacBook Pro uses Apple's M1 Pro processor, which has an 8-core CPU and a 14-core GPU. Meanwhile, the 16-inch model of this laptop also uses the M1 Pro processor with a 10-core CPU and a 16-core GPU. However, you can upgrade the specifications of these Peruvian MacBooks to your liking. By doing so, the price of the 14-inch MacBook Pro will increase to $ 3,099 and the 16-inch model to $ 3,299.

BingMag.com Apple's most expensive new MacBook Pro is priced at $ 6,000


Both the 16-inch and 14-inch MacBook Pro models support 16GB of RAM for $ 400. Up to 32 GB at $ 800 and up to 64 GB. The total price of the 14-inch MacBook Pro will increase to $ 3499 and the 16-inch version to $ 3699.

Internal memory

Both 16 and The 14-inch MacBook Pro supports 512 GB of storage. This volume can be expanded to 1, 2, 4 or even 8 terabytes. It should be noted that upgrading the internal memory will be very expensive and will cost $ 2400. So the final price will be $ 5,899 for the 14-inch MacBook Pro and $ 6,999 for the 16-inch version. Of course, all of this, regardless of the optional services or software licenses you can add to it. Apple Care services, Final Cut Pro, and more will cost you more.

If we want to compare these laptops with other professional and powerful laptops with Windows operating system such as Dell XPS 15, with the same amount of RAM and Internal memory with an Intel Core i9 processor, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 Ti graphics, and a 4K display will cost more than $ 5,000. Even if you use the Dell XPS 17 laptop and upgrade its specs with the Intel Core i9 11980HK and GeForce RTX 3060, it will still cost you about $ 5,400.

Apple during the event Last night, he also mentioned the amazing performance of the MacBook Pro chips, that the Apple M1 Pro chipset has 4 times better performance than the AMD Radeon Pro 5600M graphics processors. But there are also differences in upgrading the RAM and internal memory of these laptops with other powerful Windows laptops. For example, upgrading a memory from 1 to 8 terabytes on a Dell XPS 17 laptop will cost around $ 1,800, but on Apple's MacBook Pro models, you'll pay $ 2,200 for the upgrade. In another example, upgrading RAM from 32GB to 64GB will cost $ 300 on a Dell laptop, compared to $ 400 on a MacBook Pro.

BingMag.com Apple's most expensive new MacBook Pro is priced at $ 6,000

As mentioned above, the new MacBook Pro is available in 14- and 16-inch models. Apple has gone for a new design for the new generation MacBook Pro and now we are seeing the addition of a notch at the top of their screen. This time, the Cupertinos have added a 14-inch model to the MacBook Pro family to attract more customers. The left and right edges, as well as the top of the MacBook Pro's display, are now narrower than before and are only 3.5mm thick. In addition, there is a notch at the top of the screen that hosts a 1080p selfie camera. Surprisingly, despite the notch at the top of the screen, we do not see the new MacBook Pro equipped with a Facebook face recognition system. The MacBook Pro, similar to the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max, automatically adjusts the screen refresh rate depending on usage conditions to save battery power. In addition, users can adjust the refresh rate manually. This feature is especially useful for video content producers to help them adjust the refresh rate based on the content they want.

Displays both MacBook Pro models with mini-LED technology Use on the new iPad Pro. This display is equipped with local dimming capability, thanks to which it is possible to adjust the brightness separately in different sections with a higher accuracy than the old LED displays. The name Retina Liquid also refers to the curved edges in the four corners of the screen, which gives the new MacBook Pro a modern look. Other specifications of the display include a brightness of 1000 nits and a contrast ratio of one million to one. Dolby Atmos supports. These products also use a 3.5 mm headphone jack and three microphones. Apple dropped the Magusif 5 years ago when it equipped its new laptops with USB-C charging, but now it has returned the Magsif 3 to the latest MacBook Pro series of laptops. According to Apple, the new MacBook Pro can be charged via the Thunderbolt USB-C, but the new and updated Magusif 3 plug-in offers more power than before. The new Magsif port takes advantage of Apple's familiar magnetic connection we saw in 2006.

So it seems that Apple's new laptops are by no means cheap, especially if you are looking to upgrade these laptops./p>

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