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Apple's macOS Monterey was released without SharePlay

Apple recently released the latest version of its Mac operating system called macOS Monterey. While this update may seem a little more detailed than previous years' updates, it will make significant changes to different parts of the operating system. The new Safari redesign may seem like the most obvious change to many Apple users.

Apple initially intended to remove the tabs, but backed off. These bars match the color of the webpage you are viewing, and some new features such as tab groups have been added. The company has also reviewed its FaceTime app in the latest version of the MacOS Monterey operating system. This software is more like group calling software, in that you can start a call and then invite other people to it. Even people with Windows and Android operating systems will be able to take advantage of this new feature using the web-version of FaceTime. Features will be supported via AirPads and AirPads Max. In addition, the latest version of macOS Monterey OS has the focus modes that we see in iOS 15 and iPadOS 15, quick notes, Shortcuts app and Maps app with a new look available to users. Also, LiveTax, a competitor to Google Lens, is a new tool added to the MacOS Monterey operating system.

BingMag.com Apple's macOS Monterey was released without SharePlay

SharePlay, a feature that allows people to share their playing videos and music with other users, is not yet available for this version. It also looks like Universal Control, which lets you sync your Mac and iPad, will be released later. With this feature you will be able to use your mouse and keyboard to transfer files between two devices. According to the latest reports, Universal Control and SharePlay will be available to Apple users later this fall.

Let's take a brief look at some of the cool features of this operating system. Perhaps one of the most important features of macOS Monterey is the Universal Control feature, which allows you to share and use a mouse and keyboard with several other Apple-made devices near your Mac. . When you place an iPad near your Mac and, for example, move the mouse pointer to the edge of the computer screen and toward the iPad, a new animation will be displayed for this pointer. If you keep moving, the cursor will be transferred to the iPad display and you can use it on your tablet as well. In the same way, you can transfer files between different devices in the same way by dragging and dropping.

MacOS Monterey users can play their favorite music or movies via iOS or Play iPadOS with Airplay feature on Macs. Now you can make the most of the amazing iMac speakers with this feature. The popular iOS Shortcuts app has now hit the MacOS Monterey operating system. By installing Mac Montreux and with the help of this program, you can create custom shortcuts and routines and then run them through Siri, Finder and other parts of the Mac operating system. Apple sees the program as the future of automation on the Mac, and adding it to the operating system is just the first step. Apple has paid a lot of attention to Facebook in macOS Monterey. One of the new features added to the app is Spatial Audio, which Apple says creates a pervasive audio field that makes the conversations you have in the app look just like face-to-face conversations.

BingMag.com Apple's macOS Monterey was released without SharePlay

Another feature added to FaceTime is portrait mode, with which you can blur your background during video calls so that only you can Be clearly visible. Of course, this feature can only be used on Macs that have the M1 chip; Just like the portrait mode of iPhones. Other new features include Voice Isolation mode, which prevents the transmission of noise around you, and Wide Spectrum mode, which allows you to hear any noise around the other party. You can also create an invitation link in FaceTime so that those using Windows and Android operating systems can be added to the conversation.

Of course, the most important new feature of FaceTime is SharePlay. With this feature, you can watch a movie or TV series or listen to music with your friends while you are on Facebook. Anyone in the conversation can also add their favorite music to the playlist, plus you can stop playing content for everyone or replay a scene at any time. With this feature, you can also share your computer screen with your friends. Safari was also one of the areas that underwent extensive changes to the MacOS Monterey operating system. Website changes. Browser tabs now have a rounder, clearer design that makes them easier to work with. Tabs also resize according to their number to always be the size of a safari window. With the help of iCloud Private Relay feature, you can connect to any network and use that network with Safari in complete security. This feature encrypts all of your device's outbound traffic so that no one can access it.

Source: Engadget

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