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Apple is revolutionizing the clamshell market with the introduction of the clamshell iPhone

BingMag.com Apple is revolutionizing the clamshell market with the introduction of the clamshell iPhone

Folding handsets have not yet established themselves as a major player in the smartphone market, and despite their rapid growth, many users are still reluctant to buy them. However, there are many rumors that Apple may launch a clamshell iPhone in 2023, so it remains to be seen whether this could revolutionize the market for clamshell phones.

Apple could launch clamshell phones Turn the mainstream

BingMag.com Apple is revolutionizing the clamshell market with the introduction of the clamshell iPhone

If Apple introduces its first clamshell iPhone, its brand reputation could It will hit the clamshell market in its first year and be a turning point in the history of this type of smartphone.

The positives of clamshell phones will be prioritized. Big media analysts like Bloomberg and CNBC will begin to assess the impact of clamshells on the manufacturers' business by calculating Apple's market share and increasing the value of the company's stock, all of which will be at least five years before the clamshells hit the market. .

Apple's policy during Tim Cook's administration has always been not to rush into new market trends and wait for the market to reach relative maturity and increase the number of suppliers of that particular technology or component, and It has more options to choose from so that it can offer more complete products and the right software to support new scenarios. The fashion world considered selling its handmade products at very high prices, because their brand is very famous in the market. Apple has learned in the same way how to sell a standard product at the price of a high-end product.

Hermes pay $ 499 just because the strap is leather and has a special stitching.

BingMag.com Apple is revolutionizing the clamshell market with the introduction of the clamshell iPhone

Of course, justifying this high price may indicate that this product was produced in collaboration with a famous fashion designer brand, but to be honest, if Apple does not cooperate with luxury brands, the company's products will still have a high price. However, the growth of the American giant's seasonal incomes always surprises us. But the question is, how is Apple so successful?

In stating the reasons for these successes, we can point to four main reasons:

  • The coordination of ecosystems and quality products that The user is at the center: Steve Jobs was not the first to make computers small enough to fit in our pockets, but he was able to make them easy and enjoyable to use. Apple has been able to add new products to its ecosystem over the years, with key features focused on design, software and performance; Products that have been quite successful in the market so far.
  • Emotional Dependence: Another feature of Steve Jobs was that he knew how to sell a product without explaining the internal specifications of a product and hiding it from users. . In fact, it was a technique that piqued users' curiosity for years, and you must remember that many of Apple product specifications, such as RAM or battery capacity, were never announced by the company itself, and secondary media reviews give us detailed information. The policy that users should buy and buy our product without even knowing the full specifications shows a kind of emotional dependence between the user and the Cupertino brand. Surrounding us on all sides is another reason for Apple's success. At least half of American users now use an iPhone. To answer this question, think that if your country had a company like Apple and with the same quality, would you still think of buying an iPhone instead of the product of your compatriot company?
  • Brand History: Apple is the most successful brand in the world in one It is one of the most important and influential large global markets. It is also one of the most valuable companies in the world, standing even higher than older companies like Coca-Cola or big oil companies like Aramco.

Users are looking for the iPhone Flip!

BingMag.com Apple is revolutionizing the clamshell market with the introduction of the clamshell iPhone

So far we are confident that Apple is developing at least two clamshell iPhone models for future release One of which, like the Galaxy Z Fold 3, opens and closes like a book, and the other, like the Galaxy Z Fleet, folds in half and is currently referred to in the news as the iPhone Flip.

  • Apple Pentate New Folding iPhone Foldable Battery Recorded

The iPhone Flip is rumored to be ready for release in 2023, but what different will this product add to the clamshell phone market?


Considering the rumors, we expect the iPhone Flip to be equipped with a 6.7-inch display, but by then competitors like the Galaxy Z Flip may also enter the market with larger screens. It is also reported to be thinner than current clamshell phones, which, given the relatively close distance to the time of its introduction, are likely to reduce the thickness of competitors in new generations of products.

Will there be another unique feature that Apple can rely on to persuade users to pay a much higher price for the iPhone Flip than the iPhone Pro Max? Aside from the familiar logo on the back of the device, you can think of clamshell software that has been quietly evolving over the years.

Whether you're a fan of Apple or not, you can't Deny the fact that the introduction of the clamshell iPhone will accelerate the market growth of these phones, which will result in an increase in the share of this form factor in the market.

  • Pixel Fold may be introduced by the end of 2021

Despite Samsung's 5-year presence in the market, after the introduction of the iPhone Flip (or whatever it will be called), many users will define clamshell phones with Apple parameters; A scenario that has been implemented over and over again, but maybe this time the situation is different. What do you think?

Source: Phone Arena

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