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Apple iPod turns 20; How does it still sell?

For many years, the iPod and Apple were, for example, the symbol of a changing object and a constructor. In fact, during these years, Apple did not try to make the only product that would meet the needs of users. While Apple's wealth is growing by the day, the iPod's light is dimming, and the iPhone has been able to attract the attention of users by pushing it aside.

However, we must say that the device that is the founder of wealth What Apple has accumulated over the years is still being sold by Apple, and we're not kidding about that.

Apple introduced the iPod in 2001. In those years, the iPod became one of the most popular devices of all time with the help of the Apple Music Store on iTunes. After the unveiling of this device in those years, this device was able to become the ruler of the MP3 player market.

Of course, this device changed over time and eventually became an iPhone that does not support cellular technology. . However, you can still get the latest generation of iPod touch that Apple now sells by visiting the Apple site. The occurrence of this is a testament to the longevity of this device in this industry, an industry that is changing rapidly and even the devices introduced last year are easily forgotten.

Is the iPod still a device that fits the 2020s? To answer this question, in this article we want to take a look at the history of this device, examine its lasting cause in history and finally its future, of course, if we can imagine a future for it.

Devices Nostalgia Nostalgia is the first feeling people feel when they talk about the iPod. Of course, this is probably because, as neuroscientists say, it's because human music and memory are inherently interconnected.

Former Apple CEO Tony Fedell, who designed and built the iPod as it approaches "Many people still remember the early days of the iPod," says the iPod at the age of 20. He goes on to say that the device was truly a superpower.

Fedell, who grew up listening to Sony's famous Walkman, had a fate that 20 years later, Steve Jobs told him to create a device. It was actually a digital version of Sony's Walkman.

The iPod soon became ubiquitous. Of course, Apple did not invent digital music players. In fact, three years before the launch of the iPod, there were the first MP3 players like the Rio PMP300. Of course, the MP3 format was banned at the time and could be prosecuted.

Fadell and his colleague worked hard to create the first iPod. As I said before, the first iPod was introduced in 2001, but about a month after 9/11, Apple unveiled the first iPod on October 23, 2001.

In fact, with the unveiling of this device, Apple was able to create a music player that integrates with the iTunes digital platform. Was. People could also use it to listen to their MP3 tunes.

These days, Fadell likens his iPod to a time machine that he likes to revisit. "Seeing the iPod again gives me the feeling that I have traveled through time and returned to the music era in the early 2000s and earlier.

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It was good enough to be king

The iPod was a device that helped Apple get out of a struggling PC maker Softening with various problems was to become the largest company in the world. Fedell says the iPod team used instinct to build the device instead of using logic and science. Of course, the unveiling of the first iPod and its release was just the beginning of the path that Apple began.

Like Apple itself, the secret that kept the iPod alive was its reinvention. IPod has undergone various changes in its design throughout its life. In fact, the music player went from being a hard drive to a small device with no display, and eventually to a less efficient iPhone. Although this device was built solely on focusing on music, other features were added to the iPod during this time.

BingMag.com Apple iPod turns 20; How does it still sell?

Fadell says Apple's designers have been slightly increasing the iPod's capabilities each year. "We started with a device that focused on music, and gradually added photos, podcasts, videos and games," he said. In fact, over time, users got more features.

This happened and the addition of these new features led to the production of many models of iPods over the years. In fact, during these years, various models of iPod were produced, from the nano model to the mini model, and finally the touch model. Among these models, the Shuffle iPod was the most mysterious. The Shuffle iPod was actually a screenless iPod with only the simple buttons to work with it. He switched to music streaming services such as Pandora and Spotify. Despite the many changes in the iPod and the unveiling of various models of this device, one of the most notable models of this device was the classic iPod with a large circular rotating button.

Although the iPod in this It evolved over the years, but Apple's rule of keeping users in its closed ecosystem was one of the reasons the iPod became so popular. Of course, this law not only made the iPod popular, but also the success of other Apple products such as the iPhone and iPad. In addition, it is this law that makes the purchase of any application possible only through the App Store.

Fedell says that this work and the enactment of this law was to improve the compatibility of this device. He goes on to say that iTunes and the iPod are in fact the source of this law, and that made the device and iTunes extremely seamlessly integrated.

BingMag.com Apple iPod turns 20; How does it still sell?

During this time, various accessories were made for the iPod. Bose, for example, built a Bluetooth speaker for the iPod that allowed users to listen to their favorite songs both using Bluetooth and by placing their iPod on a dock. When the iPod was placed on this speaker, the iPod was charged through the 30-pin port used in this speaker.

We should also mention that the iPod made us have a podcast now. If you pay attention to the English name of the podcast, you will notice that it has a part of the English name of the iPod. In fact, it is unfortunate to say that podcasts are making a fuss right now.

For ten years, the iPod and its effects have been able to capture the public eye. The popularity of this device has been tested and tested many times over the years. The biggest threat to the device, however, came from within Apple itself. In fact, the iPod faced a lot of threats while traveling this route. These threats were created by devices that claimed to be the killer of the iPod. In fact, over the years, many companies such as Microsoft and Sony have tried to gain a foothold in the iPod by introducing various products. It was the iPod that was able to regularly capture about 80% of the market during its heyday. In fact, it was no longer MP3 players that threatened the iPod and its location, but the device had found other competitors. They could also split MP3 files. Of course, these phones were not only great cell phones, they were even very bad MP3 players.

BingMag.com Apple iPod turns 20; How does it still sell?

However, there were phones in the future that were more effective than the iPod. In 2007, Apple unveiled the first iPhone. The iPhone was, in fact, the logical evolution of the company's idea. The iPhone had more features than the iPod because of its support for radio communication technology, and it was easy to use. People could also listen to music on the iPhone, browse the Internet and make calls.

After the unveiling of the first iPhone, Apple unveiled the iPhone 3G. It was cheaper than the original iPhone, supported faster internet connection, and had a new App Store. The presence of these features in the iPhone made people rush to buy this phone.

Gradually, over time, people decided to always have only one of Apple products with them. Fadell says people at the time carried only one device, and that device was a device that should always be with the person.

Although new generations of iPods have a new design similar to smartphones, Apple He promotes them in sports videos, but it seems that there are only a few days left in the life of the memorable iPod. Of course, Apple is to blame for this happening, and the company has come to this conclusion.

According to MacWorld, Apple CEO Peter Oppenheimer said in July 2009: "We expect "We wanted the demand for our MP3 players to decrease over time, because we did that with the unveiling of the iPod Touch and the iPhone."

After 2010, people spent most of their money on iPhones or other Android phones on the market. As a result, the supply rate of the iPod decreased. As a result of this reduction in supply, Apple stopped producing some models, and we had to say goodbye to the legendary classic iPod in 2014. Of course, this later happened to the iPod Nano and the iPod Shuffle.

Track service providers also reduced supply and demand for the iPod. With these services unveiled in the early 2010s, users no longer had to download songs to their phones. In fact, millions of songs can be accessed anywhere just by having a cellular internet connection.

BingMag.com Apple iPod turns 20; How does it still sell?

Apple unveiled the latest generation of iPod in 2019. With the unveiling of this iPod, Apple tried to try its luck to update this device again. The unveiling of the latest generation of iPod Touch in 2019 coincided with the unveiling of the Apple Arcade gaming service. As you know, the Apple Arcade service is the company's first gaming platform that users must subscribe to in order to use it, and the unveiling of the iPod Touch at the same time as the unveiling of the service meant that the iPod could now be added to a complementary device. Transform the game.

The main problem with Apple pursuing this goal was that the iPhone was a more popular gaming device than the iPod Touch. The Apple iPod also ranged in price from $ 199 to $ 399, and users preferred to buy the Nintendo Switch console instead of the iPod Touch for gaming.

Browse the Internet, but in a review of the iPod Touch 2019 in CNET, the author who published the articles in this review called the iPod Touch 2019 the most beloved nostalgia device you no longer need.

BingMag.com Apple iPod turns 20; How does it still sell?

Now that we are writing an article for the twentieth anniversary of the iPod, we must say that this device is iTunes software that both in one Time was released, it lasted longer. As you know, Apple shortened the life of iTunes after the unveiling of the Catalan version of the MacOS operating system and replaced it with the Music app.

Although Apple declined to comment on this issue, They show that the iPod has experienced the lowest possible sales in the last 5 years. As a result, the question arises that after the end of the life of various iPod models during these years, is it now the turn of the iPod Touch?

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What awaits the future of the iPod

Despite the deep nostalgia that lives on in humans, the Apple iPod does not seem to be a device to relive that pleasurable feeling. Create in users. In fact, the presence of single-function products such as the Nintendo Switch console and the classic iPod on the market today is much less important, and there are many electronic devices on the market that can do different things with them. In fact, there are so many phones on the market right now that you can both call them and do everything the iPod Touch does.

For 10 years, Apple and the iPod have been completely intertwined. They were. But thanks to the unveiling of the iPhone, the resurgence of the Mac and other devices, those days are long gone. In fact, today the legacy that the iPod has left is far more important than its sales.

BingMag.com Apple iPod turns 20; How does it still sell?

It has been two years since the unveiling of the latest generation iPod Touch, and it is likely that this iPod will be the last iPod to There is now. Finally, it is possible that Apple will stop selling these devices silently by updating the appearance of its site. After this happens, we can still look back on our old devices and encounter a 30-pin charger for charging the iPod to remember the happy days we had with Apple iPods.

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Source: CNET

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