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Apple iPhone 13 has lost less value than other iPhones

BingMag.com Apple iPhone 13 has lost less value than other iPhones

According to research reported by SellCell, two months after the introduction of Apple's newest flagship, the iPhone 13, we have seen an overwhelming response from Apple users and fans. We are a new phone. SellCell research, based on data from 45 smartphone retailers, shows that the iPhone 13 ranks highest among iPhones and has the lowest drop in value among previous generations in the two months since its introduction.

BingMag.com Apple iPhone 13 has lost less value than other iPhones

Between the first and second months after the official release of these phones, iPhone 13 models averaged only 0.6% They faced a decline in value, which was 24.9 percent at the end of the first month and 25.5 percent at the end of the second month. Research says that one of the reasons for this is the lack of chips. Although buying new iPhones has not been easy for some users and has been more expensive, many users have still bought these new handsets and there is still a direct link between chip shortages and rising demand.

Some iPhone 13 models regained their value even after the initial price drop after the official release. The iPhone 13 Pro Max with 1. terabytes of internal storage has recovered 1.4 percent, the 512GB model 1.7 percent and the 128GB model 1.8 percent. The iPhone 13 Pro performed even better, with the 128GB model gaining 2% and the 256GB model gaining 4.6% of its original value. The problem of chip shortage has caused the iPhone 13 to retain its value better than previous models two months after its release. SellCell research shows that the iPhone 13 depreciated by about 19.1 percent less than the iPhone 11 in the first and second months.

On the iPhone 13 Mini, only the 512GB model regained its value. And regain 4% of its value. The 256 and 128 GB models also lost 7.5% and 5% of their value, respectively. The decline in the value of smartphones may be attributed to problems such as parts shortages, reduced production and delays in shipping, which have reduced the availability of iPhone 13 models and raised the price of second-hand phones.

As long as Apple fully meets the demand for iPhone 13 models, by the end of 2021, these phones will face further decline in value. At the same time, according to a report released by SellCell, the iPhone 14 models do not seem to be able to maintain their value like the iPhone 13. In addition, analysts estimate that Apple could sell about 80 million iPhones over the Christmas holidays, which would set a good record for the US company in terms of sales.

BingMag.com Apple iPhone 13 has lost less value than other iPhones

Apple unveiled its iPhone 13 series phones in September this year, and from the very beginning, these phones have seen their good performance in We were for sale. These products were expected to sell as well as the previous two generations, which they do, and it is even predicted that this good trend will continue. It is worth noting that the demand for the iPhone 13 series was much higher than expected, to the point that even suppliers are sometimes unable to meet Apple's needs and are about 15% behind Apple's needs.

This means the company The American managed to continue the successful path it is on with the iPhone 13 series. One of the reasons the series still sells so well despite the lack of a significant difference from the previous generation is that they are equipped with a 120Hz Pro Motion display that we have never seen used in any of the Apple phones. Of course, in this generation, only Pro and Pro Max phones are used.

Source: Macrumors

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