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Apple has sued the maker of Pegasus spyware

After WhatsApp, Apple filed a lawsuit against Israeli company NSO Group, the maker of the Pegasus spy tool. Apple plans to ban NSO Group from using any of its software, services and gadgets to prevent further abuse. And without any particular worries, millions of dollars are being spent on the development of spy technologies, and that situation must change as soon as possible. Apple and WhatsApp are not alone in taking action against the NSO Group, and last year Google and Microsoft also backed WhatsApp's lawsuit. Access iPhone and Android phone data. Also, according to published reports and the text of Apple's complaint, this tool is so advanced that without the need for special action by users, it can hack the phones of the people in question and leaves no trace.

Apple He also noted that the tool is used by journalists, political activists and politicians, while the NSO Group claims that its clients have been prevented from spying on such targets. Apple is one of the companies that pays special attention to privacy, but the existence of such a tool is a significant threat to iPhone users.

BingMag.com Apple has sued the maker of Pegasus spyware

A senior Apple official said the complaint sends a clear message that Apple no longer succumbs to such abuses. A part of Apple's complaint states that NSO has violated Apple's terms of service because the company has created more than 100 Apple IDs to send information to victims' phones.

According to Apple, NSO first gave Apple several IDs. Corrects and sends information to victims' iPhones via iMessage. Then the Pegasus tool is secretly installed on the day of the desired iPhones and the control of this phone is practically in the hands of the hacker. Apple notes that the security hole used for this attack has been fixed in iOS 14.8.

Apple wrote in another part of its statement that thanks to the improvements made in iOS 15, there is no evidence of successful attacks against IOS 15-based gadgets and newer versions have not been found.

Some time ago, the US government also boycotted the Israeli company NSO, which means that it will face several obstacles to cooperating with US companies. It should be noted that Pegasus is not a new tool and its history dates back to 2016, and NSO is one of the most important companies in the world in the development of spy tools. The company only makes its tools available to governments, and we need to see if these pressures work.

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Source: The Verge

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