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Apple has released a tutorial video for working with two attractive features of iOS 15.4

BingMag.com <b>Apple</b> has <b>released</b> a <b>tutorial</b> <b>video</b> for <b>working</b> with <b>two</b> <b>attractive</b> <b>features</b> of <b>iOS</b> 15.4

Apple's support page recently released two videos explaining two very useful features added to the iOS 15.4 update.


Apple recently released the iOS 15.4 update for its users, which is said to have added two very good and useful features to the American company's phones. These include the ability to scan an image and convert it to a note, as well as unlock the screen with a mask, despite the use of yogurt. If you have received this update but do not know how to use these two features, do not worry. Apple has released two separate videos to teach you how to do this, which you can see below.

Update. To do this, go to Settings and in the General section, click on Software Update. Then download and install the latest iOS build, which is iOS 15.4. You may not notice many changes in appearance, but you get two great features, one of which is scanning an image and importing it into the Note app.

But how do we use this feature? While in the Note app, click the camera icon in the toolbar and then touch Scan Text. When the text of that image is entered into your Note app, click Insert. You can now edit the text if you wish. Apple has come up with an interesting name for this process: see, scan, save. (See it, Scan it, Save it).

The next feature is to use Face ID or face recognition sensor to unlock the screen if you have a face mask. As you know, the criticism of Apple for using a face recognition sensor instead of a fingerprint in its new handsets doubled with the arrival of the Corona, because users could not introduce their faces to the phone despite the mask.

Of course Apple last year released an update that the user could enter the phone with a mask, but for this he needed an Apple Watch. But of course not everyone can afford an Apple Watch, or if they do, they may not feel the need to have one. However, "being able and not buying" does not exist in the world of Apple users. So many users still objected to why it should not be done directly. As a result, Apple released another update with iOS 15.4 for their iPhones so that they can unlock their phone with the same mask. Unfortunately this feature is only available for those who have an iPhone 12 and 13.

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This feature is only available It is limited to two series of American company phones, perhaps because of the way it works. Apple's new sensors detect and unlock the phone by examining only a small part of the user's face around his eyes. Apparently, this sensor was not used in the iPhone 11 and X series, for which Apple did not offer this update. However, the owners of new phones, after receiving this update, have to do the face registration process again, which is not very important and difficult.

Just follow the instructions in the video to be able to use this feature. Use.

Source: PhoneArena

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