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Apple has released a report claiming that iOS is more secure than Android

BingMag.com Apple has released a report claiming that iOS is more secure than Android

When we talk about smartphone security, two names always come to mind; iOS and Android, which have always been in a never-ending battle in various fields since their unveiling. In terms of functionality, Android and in terms of security, iOS was often the winner in this field. Apple also emphasized the latter in its recent report.

Apple has always placed great emphasis on protecting the security and privacy of its ecosystem. As a result of this strict policy, the company's handsets are now like a large but enclosed space where its users have to meet their needs, and whatever is to enter this space must pass through extremely difficult filters.

The opposite is true in Android. The user is in a completely playful space that may be able to easily access everything, but he must accept that this convenience does not mean more security, and the more open the user is to do different things, the more dangers threaten him. But Apple did mention that in a recent report. The report, which the US company named the Sideloading Risk Study, is actually called "Building a Secure Ecosystem for Millions of Apps" and is written to warn of the high risks and risks of sidingloading apps. If you are unfamiliar with the word sideload, we should say that it means installing a specific application on the phone from a source other than the source approved by the operating system manufacturer.

For example, Apple does not allow its users, whether iPhone or iPad users, from a source other than Download the App Store app. But on the other hand, Google allows the user, in addition to installing the application through the store itself, to download it from any source that the user wants, and the ultimate effort to stop this process is to give the user Warns that downloading the file from this website may be dangerous. As a result, the person decides whether to continue working or not. But given the pressure on Apple from the European Commission, the company is likely to be forced to allow users to side-by-side download apps.

Many users believe that security should not come at the cost of losing freedom. Come and the user must decide for himself whether he wants to have a phone or a safe space or not. They say that as soon as the phone can alert them to the danger, it is enough to realize its security. Now, if we want to endanger our own security with our own hands, it is a decision that is made by us. Others think exactly the opposite. They believe that in order to maintain security, one must live in a closed space, and security can only be achieved by restricting freedom. We do not want to see which category is right because users seem to be free to choose between the two.>

But Apple has explicitly stated that the phone is a personal device, and users store and store many important personal files in it. This means that maintaining their security and privacy in that ecosystem is one of the most critical steps to be taken. Apple says some people want the company to allow apps to be downloaded outside of the App Store. A process that allows the user to install the app from anywhere they want.

Apple said in a statement that if it allowed the side-download of apps and downloaded them from a non-App Store, privacy And it endangers the security of users that has been stored for years and causes them serious problems. According to the company, malicious malware and viruses are always a serious threat to the security and privacy of users and will never be destroyed in an ecosystem that allows apps to be downloaded, which is exactly what Android was all about.

But the question is why and how the malware is so widespread. Is it bad and dangerous that Apple enforces such strict rules when it comes to downloading apps? According to the American company, malware disrupts the work of all sectors, from the user to the manufacturer, developers and advertisers. Attacks on other phones or smartphones are carried out by various methods and techniques. The worst types of malware are Adware, ransomware (malware that encrypts files and makes them inaccessible), spyware (spyware and banking malware designed to hack users' accounts, and interestingly, there is no specific way to identify them). They do not exist.

Social networks provide the best opportunity for users to fall into the trap of attackers because they have a large audience and users click on what they should not do without knowing anything. Not only users but all sectors involved in the development and use of a smartphone are being harmed.

Their security becomes much easier for people who want to do malicious work, as many third-party stores do not have any security checks, and Apple said that if apps download iOS supported, there would be a lot of malware in third-party stores. They come to iPhones and cause problems for users.

BingMag.com Apple has released a report claiming that iOS is more secure than Android

Different Types of Malware According to Apple

Users are more dependent on smartphones than before

One of the reasons Apple recognizes security and privacy Mandatory is that users these days are too dependent on their phones to do various things. Third-party stores never force developers to release as much information as they need about the app as much as Apple does. Even through direct downloads, users will not be able to take advantage of features such as parental controls and app tracker to control iPhone data, hardware and services that the app should have access to.

Apple says download licenses Apps from sources other than the App Store, or side-by-side apps, threaten iOS's core security core, and what has been touted as the strength of this popular ecosystem for years is losing its value. Worse, there will be no more measures to protect the phone against malware, security breaches, and the like, and the device that the user has will no longer be trusted. As a result, there may be irreparable problems for users such as phone crashes or data loss and the like.

According to the US company, even those users who are not interested in side-by-side applications. They also have to resort to third-party stores to download a number of apps that are not available in the App Store, in which case there is always the fear of losing security because attackers may use various methods such as phishing or false promises such as use. Free of all the good features of an app, let them be fooled. To take. As a result, there are now millions of iPhone users whose entire lives are stored on the phone, and this information should not be lost at any cost. But Apple says that with the forced download of apps, there is no guarantee that this information will remain intact, as the number of users being deceived in various ways has already risen to 73 percent, and it does not look like this will happen any time soon. Stop.

What do you think about this? Is Apple making such claims to keep users in the App Store, or are Android phones really that insecure and we were unaware of it? In your opinion, should security be at the cost of losing freedom (as it is in iOS) or do you think the procedure that Android has taken so far is better and more useful?

Source: PhoneArena

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