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Apple has finally retired the iPod Touch; The end of a 20-year-old family

BingMag.com <b>Apple</b> has <b>finally</b> <b>retired</b> the <b>iPod</b> <b>Touch;</b> The <b>end</b> of a <b>20-year-old</b> family

Apple has finally officially announced that it will stop production of the iPod Touch. The company has announced that it will continue to sell this product as long as it is available in stores. The death of the iPod marks the end of an important era.

Apple unveiled about 20 years before the first generation of the iPod, which came in two models, 5 and 10 GB. Production of nano and shuffle models ended in 2017, but Apple continued to build the iPad Touch. Although a number of users have been using the iPod Touch as a music player over the years, we can not ignore the appeal of providing an iPhone-like experience.

BingMag.com <b>Apple</b> has <b>finally</b> <b>retired</b> the <b>iPod</b> <b>Touch;</b> The <b>end</b> of a <b>20-year-old</b> family

In any case, few people have been buying an iPod touch for a long time. The latest generation of this gadget (seventh generation) was introduced in 2019 alongside the iPhone 7, and the sixth generation reached users in 2015. At a time when everyone has a smartphone in their pocket, surely many people are not very interested in buying separate gadgets to do things like listen to music.

When the iPod was at its peak of popularity, cheap phones Android was not attractive, but users could use the features of an iPhone-like gadget for a reasonable price. But now Android phones in all price ranges have a lot to say.

  • Apple still sells iPods after 20 years!

Source: The Verge

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