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Apple has filed a new patent for a flexible clamshell iPhone battery

Apple has recently filed another patent for a foldable battery, highlighting the importance of producing a foldable iPhone for the company. While manufacturers such as Samsung have launched several generations of their clamshell phones, there is no sign of a serious start to the clamshell iPhone project. The generation of clamshell phones will unveil. The reason for this delay of several years can be attributed to Apple's great care and obsession in research and development. Clamshell phones have different hardware than regular phones, the most important of which are the display and the clamshell battery. They tend to use a foldable battery.

A patent has recently been leaked that shows that the American giant is apparently looking to produce a foldable battery to make the most of the space inside the foldable iPhone. But how will Apple produce such a flexible battery?

With this patent, the middle part of the company's clamshell battery is designed to be slim close to the hinge of the phone. This design helps Apple use a single battery instead of two separate batteries, and has more space to place other hardware components or even make the battery larger and increase its capacity.

BingMag.com Apple has filed a new patent for a flexible clamshell iPhone battery

Of course, this patent does not mention the chemicals used in this type of battery and only its appearance and mechanical aspects are discussed.

The patent explains that electronic devices may use a structure that uses hinges to connect one part of the device to another. One of these parts can be bent over the other with the help of this hinge, and the hinge part is less thick than the two parts of the device.

But why does Apple have to work hard for itself and use a battery with a design? Sophisticated to use, while using two separate batteries has worked so far smoothly? Just for a little more free space?

To answer this question, according to the patent, Apple is not only looking for more space to increase battery capacity, but also the mechanical flexibility of the clamshell iPhone.

Of course, the Cupertinos already filed another patent for their iPhone clamshell battery last year and last year. In this patent, a large battery cell is transformed into several smaller cells wrapped inside a cylinder. This design allows the battery to bend without damaging the chemical tissue and its materials.

BingMag.com Apple has filed a new patent for a flexible clamshell iPhone battery

Both of these methods for developing foldable batteries could theoretically increase battery capacity, but if we consider the research, development, and financing costs of these projects, the use of these batteries will ultimately increase the price of foldable phones. While these types of patents give us a good idea of the companies' underdeveloped and hidden technologies, they may eventually never be used and reach the commercialization stage.

Source: Phone Arena

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