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Apple does not go under the burden of repairing an iPhone that has a factory defect

BingMag.com Apple does not go under the burden of repairing an iPhone that has a factory defect

A user named Kim sued Apple for $ 1,383.13. This amount was exactly the cost of buying his iPhone 12, which Apple refused to repair despite the validity of the warranty of this phone. This person bought his phone from Vietnam in October 2020, and according to him, his iPhone 12 warranty is valid until October 2022.

This person returned to the United States during the Corona pandemic and found out that his phone was running There is a problem with the SIM card. He contacted Apple and the company offered to bring the phone to the Apple Store, which he did. "After I took my phone to the Apple Store, they sent it to a repair shop and then they came back and said it was tampered with and we would not repair it," he said. I asked them how they were manipulated. "But the store officials did not respond to me." Kim complained to the office (BBB) that the SIM card slot was damaged when the phone was in Apple's possession. But Apple claims that this problem existed before it went to the store, and if something like this happened in the store, it would fix it. With the cancellation of Apple's warranty, Kim offered to pay for the repair of his iPhone, but Apple also refused. So he decided to send an email to Apple CEO Tim Cook in late June, but received no news from the company's CEO.

BingMag.com Apple does not go under the burden of repairing an iPhone that has a factory defect

After further investigation, the man found a personal blog post on Google that he had sued Apple in Seattle in 2012. So he decided to sue Apple. Of course, he had to prove in court that the phone was in the possession of the Apple Store when the SIM card was broken. His complaint alleges that the SIM card was damaged during Apple repairs, and one of the managers of the Apple Store (Liz) confirms this.

The company is also accused of infringing patents in two separate cases. Both cases accuse the US tech giant of using the technology of other companies without permission on its iPhones. The first lawsuit was filed by a company called ImmerVision in the United States District Court, which claims that Apple owned the patent in 2005 under its own name that belonged to the company. In this case, it was announced that the phones that used this patent included the new series of 13 iPhones. ImmerVision has said in court that it intends to sue Apple. The lawsuit alleges that Apple illegally used the technology under the patent of three NFC technology patents and a digital wallet on its gadgets, including the iPhone, Apple Watch, Apple Pay and Apple Walt. Of course, Apple will use its corporate legal experts to infringe on these patents, and if it's to blame for breaking the SIM card, it will have to give Kim a new iPhone.

Apple Corps has been involved in many lawsuits, according to the company. But one of the strangest lawsuits filed against Apple was a lawsuit filed in March 2019 in Missouri. The plaintiff has filed a claim for $ 2.9 trillion and a valuable product from Apple. The plaintiff claims that in October 2018, he went to an Apple Store to repair his iPhone 7 and then made very strange claims. Mr. Parker brought the iPhone 7 to an Apple Store in St. Louis, and on the same day, the phone was repaired by an employee.

BingMag.com Apple does not go under the burden of repairing an iPhone that has a factory defect

But Mr Parker says the Apple Store never returned the original iPhone because they realized it had new features. The plaintiff alleges that his original iPhone had the ability to skip some loading pages, which allowed the iPhone to communicate more quickly and accurately with other gadgets. The lawsuit also alleges a lawsuit was filed against Facebook for allegedly exploiting the Facebook feature, claiming that some of the new features on its iPhone 7 were used to develop iOS 12. As a result, he was asked to pay for his role in creating iOS 12.

In May 2019, Apple was able to convince the court that Mr. Parker's lawsuit was illogical, and the case was closed. Although Apple was able to drop the case, Mr. Parker filed another lawsuit a few days ago on June 1, demanding that Apple be tried by a jury. In the new lawsuit, he added that Apple should compensate him for developing iOS 12.0.1 and newer versions and iOS 13 and newer versions because he owns the patents for both versions of iOS. The new lawsuit seeks $ 1 trillion in damages for "hospitalization, travel, distress, humiliation, shame and insult to character."

Has been appealed by the court in the Epic Games case. The court ruled in nine of the 10 Epic Games claims against Apple, and the company failed in only one case, one of which was forcing Apple not to use a third-party payment gateway. According to the ruling, Apple must enable in-app payment options for other software developers by December. Apple Corps judge Gonzalez Rogers has given Apple a 90-day deadline to allow alternative payment methods in the App Store. But Apple says making changes to their store could upset the balance between developers and App Store customers.

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