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Apple continues to dominate the US mobile market

Counterpoint Research released a report on the state of the US mobile market in the third quarter of 2021 hours ago. According to the report, Apple is still in the first place by a long way, and in the second place is the name of Samsung. It should be noted that the two companies together account for 69% of the US mobile market.

Despite the problems related to the shortage of parts, the US mobile market as a whole has grown by 1% compared to the same period last year. According to the report, Apple was able to increase sales of its handsets by 9% compared to last year, and Samsung is facing an annual growth of 18%. The iPhone 13 series is said to account for about 17% of total Apple phone sales. The trend of widespread acceptance of the iPhone 13 series seems to continue in the coming months.

BingMag.com Apple continues to dominate the US mobile market

Samsung has also been able to significantly increase sales figures thanks to the introduction of two clamshell phones as well as the introduction of its cheapest 5G phone, the Galaxy A32. In the US mobile market, Motorola, TCL and OnePlus also ranked third to fifth, respectively.

Counterpoint Research analysts note that brands such as HMD, BLU and Wiko have a lot to say about low-end handsets. But out of 10 Americans, eight use Apple and Samsung phones, and the two companies are not too worried about competitors.

  • Apple has overtaken Xiaomi to become the world's second largest handset maker

Source: GSM Arena

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