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Apple became the second largest phone maker in the world, behind Xiaomi

Apple was finally able to overtake Xiaomi on its way to becoming the second largest smartphone maker and return to where it had been for a long time. Apple, Xiaomi and Samsung are the three largest smartphone manufacturers in the world, currently in second, third and first place, respectively. Until last week, of course, it was Xiaomi that was in second place, but Apple was able to regain its position from the Chinese company 13 more times with the iPhone series and reach the second place. Samsung, which has been at the top of the table for years and does not seem to be going down right now. Especially since it recently made a good profit from the sale of the phone.

Apple, according to the IDC, was able to sell 50.4 million smartphones in the third quarter of 2021. That's about 6.1 million more than the number of handsets the world's third-largest smartphone maker, Xiaomi, sold in that time period, but about 18.6 million less than the number of handsets currently sold by Samsung. At the top of the table is

According to published data, iPhone sales increased by about 20.8% annually, which is a significant figure. With this growth rate, Apple had the highest growth rate among the top five smartphone companies. For example, Samsung's growth as the leading company in this area fell by 14.2 percent, and Xiaomi's growth rate fell by about 4.6 percent. So Apple was the only company among the three companies to claim sales growth.

Of course, the problem that Samsung and Xiaomi are struggling with is mostly due to the lack of chips. Overall, global smartphone sales have fallen by about 6.7 percent over the same period in the third quarter of last year, as it is not possible to build chips like before, and companies are in a state of crisis. Of course, Samsung's decline in sales of its phones can be largely due to the lack of unveiling of the Note series or Galaxy S21 Fan Edition as the company's economic flagship, because every year these phones had a unique performance in sales and brought good profits for Samsung. . But this year, there was no mention of the Note series, and instead clamshell phones hit the market, which, of course, increased the average price of Samsung phones, and they certainly have fewer customers and users than regular phones.

BingMag.com Apple became the second largest phone maker in the world, behind Xiaomi

Of course, Apple and Xiaomi also had problems due to the chip crisis. IPhone 13 series phones are currently being produced and sold at a slower pace than expected. In many countries, when you order Apple phones, you have to wait until November or December to get them. This will reduce the sales of iPhones, and Apple will not be able to overtake Samsung in becoming one of the list of the best smartphone manufacturers. Because, as it seems, the potential to do so is quite obvious in Apple, and we can expect to see Apple climb to the top of the table in the coming years.

Of course, if Apple can solve the chip problem to some extent And increasing the number of handsets shipped around the world can completely change the story. According to forecasts, the chip problem will continue until 2022, and we may not see a complete solution by the end of next year. So it is possible that the American company could overtake Samsung.

In the battle between the companies to become the best smartphone manufacturer, the names of Chinese companies such as Vivo and Oppo can also be seen, with sales of 33 3 million phones in the third quarter of 2021, ranked fourth. To be more precise, Vivo's sales performance grew by 5.8% over the same period last year, and Oppo grew by 8.6%, which generally shows the good performance of Chinese companies in the production of smartphones.

Finally, we have to point out that in general, the number of handsets that will sell at a rate of 331.2 million worldwide in 2021, which is a good number but not extraordinary, and we have to wait and See how the situation will change as the chip problem and coronary heart disease resolve.

Source: PhoneArena

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