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Apple's app tracking policy has cost social media $ 10 million

BingMag.com Apple's app tracking policy has cost social media $ 10 million

Financial Times research shows that social networks such as Snapshot, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube generate about $ 9.85 billion in revenue. They have lost track of changes to Apple's privacy policies. Last year, Apple unveiled its Application Tracking Transparency (ATT) policy, which requires applications to allow permission to track user data. Implemented has changed the way user data is tracked. In response to Apple's policy, Facebook criticized it for using newspaper ads. The Financial Times reports on why the company's leaders criticized such a policy change. According to the report, Facebook has suffered the most financial loss compared to other social platforms. In addition to Facebook, Snapshot has also suffered heavy financial losses because its ads are heavily dependent on smartphones.

BingMag.com Apple's app tracking policy has cost social media $ 10 million

Apple's new policy is forcing social platforms and other applications to Be more creative in your advertising. To do so, smartphone makers could focus more on Android devices or invest in Apple's advertising business, a business that breaks Apple's own law and collects user data unknowingly similar to third-party apps. Companies like Facebook are heavily dependent on user data collection for revenue.

As you probably know, Facebook has changed its name to meta. According to Zuckerberg, the name reflects the nature of the company and the future it wants to build. This name reflects the company's ambitious performance to be in a world beyond social media. Facebook has chosen the name Meta based on the term metavers, which represents a virtual world for work and play. The company focuses specifically on Metavars and has announced a $ 10 billion investment in virtual and augmented reality. The company is also looking to recruit 10,000 people in the EU to work on such a project, so such a name change was not surprising.

Some speculation suggest that such a change is similar to Google's 2015 name change. It was he who announced the formation of a parent company called Alphabet and became one of its subsidiaries. Another reason for this could be criticism of the company by lawmakers and politicians in different countries, as well as a decrease in users' trust in Facebook. With this name change, almost all Facebook-owned companies, such as Instagram, WhatsApp and Aquiles, will become a meta-subsidiary. Metavars is a digital or virtual world in which people interact with each other and it is possible to work as well as play various games. Various companies are working in this field and now Facebook wants to be present in this field with great power, and changing its name indicates such a goal.

BingMag.com Apple's app tracking policy has cost social media $ 10 million

Following the news of Facebook renaming, Bloomberg Magazine published a picture of a smartwatch equipped with a front-facing camera. The publication also announced that the smartwatch will most likely be available next year. Of course, it must be said that this announced time is not definite. It looks like the photo of this smartwatch has been released from the Facebook View app on iOS, which was developed for Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses. This application can be used to record videos with these glasses and upload them to the social network Facebook. The occurrence of this event is a sign that this smartwatch can probably be controlled using this application in iOS and Android operating systems. The information and codes found in this app also show that photos and videos taken with this smartwatch can be stored on the phone using this app.

This watch, codenamed Milan ( Milan) It has a large screen like the Apple Watch, except that the Apple Watch does not have a front camera. According to Bloomberg, users of smartwatches may have never seen a watch with this style of design, but this photo confirms previous Facebook reports about the construction of this smartwatch. Now that the market for smartwatches dominated by Google, Garmin, Samsung and Apple is hotter than ever, Facebook has decided to take inspiration from smartphones to differentiate its product from these companies.

Source: TheVerge

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