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Apple App Store is deleting old apps

BingMag.com <b>Apple</b> <b>App</b> <b>Store</b> is <b>deleting</b> <b>old</b> apps

Apple intends to remove apps that no longer receive updates from the App Store. The company has sent an email to App developers who have not updated their App for a long time, warning them that if they do not update their App within the next 30 days, the App will be removed from the App Store. Although these old apps will be removed from the App Store, users who have already downloaded them can continue to use the removed apps.

Many developers have expressed concern about this change. For example, the developer of the game Motivoto wrote on Twitter that although the game has not been updated since March 2019, but there are no problems to run and users still download it. The developer of the FlickType keyboard for the Apple Watch also said that Apple had removed a version of the App for the visually impaired from the App Store because it had not received an update in the past two years. He noted that while an App like pocket god has not received any updates since 2015, it is still seen in the App Store. In addition to these two people, a number of developers have also mentioned the removal of old apps and games due to not receiving updates. They say they have not had enough time to update apps within the timeframe provided by Apple. They do not, do not follow current instructions, or are out of date and are removed from the App Store. This is not the first time Apple has warned against removing old apps from the App Store. In 2016, the company sent emails to a large number of developers, telling them that they only have 30 days to update games and apps, otherwise they would have to remove the App from the App Store.

BingMag.com <b>Apple</b> <b>App</b> <b>Store</b> is <b>deleting</b> <b>old</b> apps

However, it is unclear whether Apple has continued to enforce the law over the years or whether it has recently re-enacted the law. has brought. Apple also did not specify whether the applications were "old". It's unclear, however, whether the time elapsed since the last update is important to the company, or whether only apps that are not compatible with newer versions of iOS will be removed. And they should be available to users for years, just like old games that can run on consoles for many years. On the other hand, some believe that while such a policy makes sense, Apple is being too strict and disrespectful to developers of low-budget games.

Some time ago, Google announced that Applications that have not been updated for a long time have many limitations. Although the company has announced that the desired apps will not be removed from the Play Store, on the other hand, it will be much harder to find and download them. The company said that the developers have until November 1 (November 4) to update their applications, but they can also request a 6-month extension of this opportunity. However, now that Google and Apple have stepped up pressure on older apps and games, some developers have come under increasing pressure to update their apps.

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Source: the Verge

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