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Apple accused its former engineers of stealing the secrets of the chips

Apple has sued a chip-based startup called Rivos. Apple has accused the company of illegally recruiting engineers as well as stealing trade secrets. According to Reuters, the complaint states that Rivos has hired more than 40 Apple engineers over the past year to design new chips to compete with Apple chips.

iPhone maker It is claimed that at least two engineers stole several gigabytes of important information about the design of Apple chips. Rivos, on the other hand, is only accused of seeking engineers who have important information about Apple chips. The engineers who stole the sensitive data apparently did so using USB flash drives and AirDrop, as well as stealing the unreleased chip offerings.

Apple believes Rivos The use of encrypted messaging apps has contacted the company's engineers, and those who have stolen the data have tried to hide their gadgets by clearing their gadgets. In this complaint, Apple fully describes how this information was stolen. The company intends to take the lawsuit to the jury, so more details will probably be provided in the future.

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Source: Macrumors

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