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Apple's A15 chipset has come up with more than expected in independent testing

BingMag.com Apple's A15 chipset has come up with more than expected in independent testing

The iPhone 13 series phones with the A15 chipset have hit the market, which Apple claims is about 50% faster than competing chips. The AnandTech site has now extensively reviewed the chip's performance and finally concluded that the A15 performs even better than Apple claims.

Its powerful competitors bring about 62% more speed. The A15 chipset processor consists of two powerful cores and four low-power cores, and TSMC has developed it with a manufacturing technology called N5P, which is the new generation of 5-nanometer manufacturing technology.

BingMag.com Apple's A15 chipset has come up with more than expected in independent testing

Also, the capacity of the third level cache of this chip has been upgraded to 32 MB, and for comparison, we must say that the A14 chipset uses the 16 level third level cache. All in all, the cache capacity of the chipset is very important because the more capacity it has, the less RAM it needs and the lower the power consumption.

Apple also has the second-level cache capacity of the chip. Has increased from 8 to 12 MB. For comparison, the second-level cache of the Apple M1 chipset is based on the same capacity, but the second-level cache capacity of the flagship Snapdragon 888 chip is less than half that figure.

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This report praises the performance of the powerful cores of the A15 chipset. New generation chips usually increase energy consumption or improve energy consumption at best, compared to the previous generation; But the core cores of the A15 chipset have been able to deliver much better performance while reducing power consumption. Specifically, these cores consume about 17% less power than the A14 chipset during peak performance.

BingMag.com Apple's A15 chipset has come up with more than expected in independent testing


The author of this report describes the performance of the A15 GPU as quite amazing. In another part of the report, it is stated that the iPhone 13 series phones do not have much to say about the heat generated by the chipset, but despite this weakness, these phones are still much faster than their competitors and offer a much better gaming experience.

Overall, according to the report, the performance of the A15 chipset is significant compared to the previous generation, and reducing its power consumption also plays an important role in increasing the battery life of the iPhone 13 series.

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Source: MacRumors

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