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5 antivirus optimized for gamers

BingMag.com 5 antivirus optimized for gamers

Antivirus programs simply find malware and viruses on your computer and can remove them. However, gamers need antivirus software that does not adversely affect system performance. Here are 5 antiviruses that reduce their activity while playing games so as not to disrupt the game.

Does the gaming system need antivirus?

Even if you only use the system to run games, you may still fall victim to malware and hackers. It should be noted that in many games, a gamer's account is very important because it probably takes a lot of time or money. Usually two tactics are used to attack gamers more than other methods:

  • Phishing : For this type of attack, a fake email is usually sent to the user. For example, in the case of gamers, a fake link related to one of the games is in the email and the user loses the game account by clicking on it and then entering his username and password.
  • Malware : Malware is a sophisticated and advanced software that is used for a variety of purposes. Some malware, such as ransomware, encrypts all system data and ransoms the user. Others, like keyloggers, silently store all keystrokes and send them to hackers. This gives them access to the passwords of many accounts and other important information.

The best antivirus for gamers

Although more Antivirus programs have a lot to say about system protection, but many of them take up a significant portion of system resources. Fortunately, the following programs have introduced gaming-specific modes so that their activity does not negatively affect the performance of the games.


BingMag.com 5 antivirus optimized for gamers

BitDefender is one of the most popular names in the field of cyber security and BitDefender Total Security is a comprehensive and versatile antivirus It is considered for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. Features include built-in VPN, password management tools, audio and video file protection, and site tracking.

Custom profiles for gaming, movie watching, public WiFi, and even Create a special mode to save battery power. Using the gaming profile, updates and scans are not done while the game is running, and you can specify a list of games so that if they run, this profile will be activated automatically.

Download BitDefender Total Security


BingMag.com 5 antivirus optimized for gamers

Another well-known company in This is Kaspersky, which offers a variety of tools for cybersecurity. In addition to having various features, the company's antivirus also offers useful capabilities for gamers. When you enable battery saving mode, this antivirus does not perform pre-programmed tasks to put less strain on the battery.

By activating game mode, antivirus prevents scanning or updating It also does not display various notifications. In addition, without the need to activate the game mode, if a large percentage of system and processor memory is available to the game, the antivirus itself automatically postpones the scanning process to another time.

Download Kaspersky Anti -Virus


BingMag.com 5 antivirus optimized for gamers

Download Malwarebytes Premium

BingMag.com 5 antivirus optimized for gamers

BullGuard Antivirus It is another program that offers a variety of features. Among these, we should mention the Game Booster feature, which is enabled by default, and you can also customize it for different games. When you run a game, the antivirus widget appears, which displays the optimization status.

Download BullGuard Antivirus

McAfee Gamer Security

BingMag.com 5 antivirus optimized for gamers

McAfee has a dedicated program for gamers to worry about system security Has offered. This program performs the process of detecting security threats completely on its servers and thus does not put any pressure on the system. Of course, important malware and viruses are detected within the system so that users do not have problems if the system is offline.

While playing the game, this antivirus, like other programs on this list, stops doing many unnecessary tasks. Makes it so that gamers do not face any problems. We should also mention the browser-specific add-ons that increase their security.

Download McAfee Gamer Security
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