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Another problem with Google Pixel 6; Will contact your contacts suddenly

Google has been launching its new flagships, the Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, since last week, but in the short term many users of this The phones ran into some weird problems, and that's definitely not at all interesting for a series of phones that, according to some, carry the title of the best series of Android phones. At first, some users were dissatisfied with the flicker of the screen, others reported the problem of Always On Display. But the latest addition to this list is probably the strangest and most annoying case to date, which is being fixed with Google's quick response.

BingMag.com Another problem with Google Pixel 6; Will contact your contacts suddenly

Some users of these phones have reported in Reddit that Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro are contacting the contact list in a strange and completely random manner without your knowledge. This is sometimes reported in the middle of the night. While this may not be related to Google at first, it may be a separate issue, but many Reddit users believe that the problem is with Google Voice Assistant, as they saw calls in the Voice Assistant section that they did not know existed. . Google Voice Assistant, even when there is no talk in the background, may have mistaken it for voice commands and made multiple calls to their contacts at different times.

A way to temporarily disable Google Voice Assistant from Screen lock not found yet. Several Reddit users also noted that random contacts were made while they were asleep and their phones were locked. A Pixel community user reported a similar problem (via Android Authority). He reported that Pixel 6 called his colleague several times, and since this was a recurring problem on the device, he eventually deleted the contact. The strange thing is that this often happened when the phone was in his pocket and when he spoke in Persian; A language that Google Voice Assistant does not support.

Several users have reported the same problem, and disabling "Hey Google" voice commands seems to be the only temporary solution to this problem. It seems that Google Voice Assistant is definitely to blame here. In the last 24 hours, more reports of this problem have been published, which show that Google artificial intelligence is usually activated at different intervals in Google Pixel 6, and without hearing any command, it randomly contacts people in the user's contact list. The name "James" is the name most commonly used, but is not limited to this name.

BingMag.com Another problem with Google Pixel 6; Will contact your contacts suddenly

According to recent reports from users on Reddit, many people seem to be experiencing this strange bug, and Artem Rosakowski, former author of the AP website, speculates that the cause of the problem may be a malfunction or incorrect configuration of the settings imported from The previous backup is Android. Such a problem occurred for his OnePlus 9 phone, which he solved by clearing Google's settings and cache. But this was only a temporary solution to the problem. We hope that Google will be able to fix this strange problem for the users of Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro soon, but until then, users should be careful about this problem in their phones.

As you know, users of these phones have problems They released a lot after using them. One of them was Always On Display. Some Pixel 6 users have reported a strange problem that causes the fingerprint icon on their phones to disappear when "always on display" mode is enabled. This problem only resolves when you turn on the monitor. The Reddit website mentions this problem as "breaking the fingerprint scanner icon by changing the duration of the animation."

Source: AndroidPolice

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