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Another big brand is removing the charger from its mid-range phones

BingMag.com <b>Another</b> <b>big</b> <b>brand</b> is <b>removing</b> the <b>charger</b> <b>from</b> its <b>mid-range</b> phones

It looks like Riley will be joining Samsung soon, launching its mid-range handsets without a charger in the box.

After the American company, Samsung did exactly the same thing and did everything but He removed the phone itself and a Type-C cable from the packaging of his phones. The reason for both companies was environmental protection, but in the end they also had a half-assed advantage, which increased significantly as a result of this policy. Samsung, of course, went a step further and launched not only its flagships but also its midrangers without a charger to be the first company in this regard. Currently, the Galaxy A53, Galaxy A33 and A73 do not have any chargers or handsfree in the box, and the user has to pay for them separately.

This may seem annoying, but it certainly is. So it is. But we did not think that Chinese companies would want to do the same soon. Now that this has happened, Riley announced earlier this week in a post on his forum that he intends to remove the charger from the packaging of his highly anticipated Narzo 50A. Of course, the reason that Rilmi brought is not new. The company claims to want to protect the environment by removing the charger from the package, and plans to reduce carbon use to zero by 2025.

But the interesting thing is that during an interview Last month, the XDA Developers website spoke with Riley CEO Modha and Seth about whether charger speed was a reason to remove it from the box, which Riley CEO claimed was one of the reasons. "If I had to put an 18-watt charger in the box for the rest of my life, I'd better remove it from the box," he said. But if I want to change the voltage and bring it to its current capacities of 65 or 150 watts, where should users get such chargers? The wattage inside the box also does not prevent the user from going to the store and buying an adapter at a cost other than the cost of buying the phone. It seems that Reilmi also wants to make more money with this decision, but it is not clear why he suddenly decided to start with intermediaries.

It remains to be seen how other companies will react to this issue. Apparently, users have become accustomed to this as well. Therefore, we must consider the removal of the charger from the box as inevitable, which if it does not happen this year, it will definitely happen next year. Of course, the fact that the charger port will be removed from the phones soon can also be somewhat related. Companies will soon be launching their wireless chargers, and it looks like the charger port will be phased out of smartphones so that users can charge their products with the same wireless magnetic chargers. removing the charger from the box can also prepare users' minds to buy wireless chargers. Chargers that will be Another source of income for smartphone companies.

  • New Riley fast charge technology charges the phone 50% in 5 minutes

What do you think? What is this about? Do you think removing the charger from the box is a good decision and in line with the needs of users in the future? In general, what feature do you accept in exchange for not charging the charger?

  • Lower price
  • More internal memory
  • Better cameras li>
  • faster processor
  • higher capacity battery

Source: Android Authority

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