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Ann revealed the design of the Magic V clamshell phone with the release of a teaser

BingMag.com <b>Ann</b> <b>revealed</b> the <b>design</b> of the <b>Magic</b> V <b>clamshell</b> <b>phone</b> with the <b>release</b> of a teaser

Some time ago, Ann officially announced that the company's first clamshell phone, called the Honor Magic V, will hit the market. Although the company has not yet announced the date of introduction of the phone, but thanks to the release of a teaser, we can design this clamshell phone. All in all, the Magic V is a horizontal clamshell phone, which means we're dealing with a design similar to the Galaxy Z Fold 3. They are large in size. The CEO of Honor claims that this clamshell phone will be the first in this market in 2022. Although no release date has been announced yet, it looks like we'll be seeing it in about a month.

According to a new report, this phone comes with the latest chipset Qualcomm's flagship Snapdragon 8 Generation 1 will hit the market. As a reminder, the processor of this chipset usually consists of three main parts. The core is the Cortex-X2, which offers a speed of 3.0 GHz. In addition, 3 powerful Cortex-A710 cores are used, which operate at a speed of 2.5 GHz. Finally, we have four Cortex-A510 cores that use 1.8 GHz. Overall, the speed of this processor has increased by 20% compared to the previous generation, and power consumption has been reduced by 30%, which is an important achievement.

It seems that this phone has an external display of 6. It uses a 5-inch and 8-inch internal display. Samsung and Chinese company BOE are currently the most important manufacturers of clamshell displays, and apparently Honor has partnered with BOE for both Magic V clamshell displays.

But due to US sanctions and growing pressure from the move, Huawei transferred Honor to a consortium of several Chinese companies for $ 15 billion. After the separation of Honor from Huawei, the company was released from US sanctions and as a result was able to resume the process of manufacturing all kinds of handsets. In other words, Honor can easily use Google's software services and Qualcomm 5G chips for its phones. However, Huawei can not do both.

Huawei, along with Samsung, was one of the first companies to enter the clamshell phone market, and after launching three phones with flexible screens, a few days before Unveiled the P50 Pocket, which, like the Galaxy Z Flip 3, is a vertical clamshell phone. But due to US sanctions and limited access to various parts, Huawei is unable to ship these clamshells widely to global markets and is therefore mainly available to Chinese users.

Maintain its growing trend and has gained a significant share, especially in the Chinese market. Now, given that many well-known Chinese companies have already introduced or want to do so, they certainly do not want to be left behind, and with the launch of their first clamshell phone, they intend to try their luck in this field./p>

BingMag.com <b>Ann</b> <b>revealed</b> the <b>design</b> of the <b>Magic</b> V <b>clamshell</b> <b>phone</b> with the <b>release</b> of a teaser

According to published reports, Samsung currently has about 93% of this market However, it seems that in 2022, the share of Samsung clamshell phones in this market will decrease significantly. In this regard, we can mention the first Oppo clamshell phone, which has been praised in all reviews and, despite all the attractive features it offers, is priced at $ 1,200. Samsung, meanwhile, has set a price of $ 1,800 for the Galaxy Z Fold 3. Samsung's position in this market will be challenged when competing companies can market their clamshell phones widely in different countries.

Finally, the hotter the competition in the clamshell phone market, the more the possibilities of these handsets will be. They increase and their prices decrease even more. So we have to see if the sales of clamshell phones will increase significantly in 2022.

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