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Android apps in Windows 11 will be available to the public soon

BingMag.com <b>Android</b> <b>apps</b> in <b>Windows</b> 11 will be <b>available</b> to the <b>public</b> soon

Microsoft surprised the world in 2021 with a very interesting feature of Windows 11. The company announced that Windows 11 users can access Android apps on their system through the computer version of the Amazon App Store. In this version of the Windows operating system, which was released in October (November) last year, there was no trace of this feature at first. Shortly afterwards, only users of the beta version of Windows 11 could access a small collection of about 50 Android apps. But evidence suggests that this trend will change from February, as Microsoft today announced a public preview of the feature. It can access the Amazon App Store on a PC, and you no longer need to be a beta or Windows Insider user. Previously, beta users could run apps such as the Kindle, Washington Post, Clash of Kings, Coin Master, and Lego Duplo World. However, Microsoft's description of this feature as a public preview undoubtedly means that it is still a beta product, so people will definitely encounter bugs using this feature.

BingMag.com <b>Android</b> <b>apps</b> in <b>Windows</b> 11 will be <b>available</b> to the <b>public</b> soon

We should note that users whose system processors are Intel, AMD or Qualcomm, can use the Amazon App Store to run Android applications Have access to and execute them. It's worth noting that Microsoft uses the Linux kernel of Android 11, so almost all Android features work in Windows 11, but this does not include some of the additional apps and features that Google has added to Android.

When Microsoft unveiled Windows 11, it indicated that it intended to add a variety of new features. Although in Windows 10 you can also drag open Windows to the side or corner of the screen to fit in and open programs, Windows 11 is built entirely on this smart layout with the introduction of Snap Layout. Hold down the cursor to zoom in or out of the window, or press Win + Z on the keyboard to see options for preset layouts.

In general, Windows 11 can be used to User experiences have been published to strengthen and inspire creativity, and we have tried to make everything simple in designing this Windows. From the start menu in the menu bar and taskbar to every other font and icon, everything is deliberately designed to control more people and create peace and comfort. In Windows 11, the start option was placed in the middle to make searching for everything you need a pleasure. Some of the changes in Windows 11 compared to version 10 are not very noticeable and may not be noticed by all users.

BingMag.com <b>Android</b> <b>apps</b> in <b>Windows</b> 11 will be <b>available</b> to the <b>public</b> soon

Windows 11, many users found that they could no longer pin their favorite folders in the Start menu. In this Windows there is an option that when activated, a number of system folders are displayed next to the power button. To do this, you need to go to the Personalization section to see the options for the system folders that you can enable or disable. 2021 The Game Awards announced. He said that the Google games found on Google Play will be available to users in Windows 10 and 11 from next year. Google does not appear to have partnered with any company to accomplish this. For example, you can start a game on your Android phone and continue from where you left off on your laptop or desktop, without sacrificing your score or progress in that game.

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