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Android 12 has been released from beta and will soon be available for pixel phones

BingMag.com Android 12 has been released from beta and will soon be available for pixel phones

After releasing several beta versions of Android 12, Google finally announced last night that the operating system was out of beta, but unlike previous years, It does not go straight to pixel phones.

Google has paid special attention to the user interface for Android 12, and for this version, the visual language Material You has been used. One of the new features related to the appearance of Android 12 is the possibility of changing the colors of different parts of the system according to the background image, which doubles its attractiveness.

Also, the design of a number of Google applications has changed and found a new look. Have. We should also mention the different design of the widgets. In addition to visual changes, 12 privacy features are in the spotlight in Android. For example, we can refer to the privacy dashboard, from which you can see which applications have access to data such as location or microphone. Also, while apps are using the microphone or camera, an icon appears in the user interface to let users know about it.

BingMag.com Android 12 has been released from beta and will soon be available for pixel phones

As usual, Pixel phones are the first phones to get Android 123, and Pixel 3 users and later can install the latest version of Android. Companies such as Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo and others have been involved in the process of preparing the beta version of Android 12 to some extent, and therefore a number of phones from these companies will probably receive Android 12 soon.

As at the beginning of the article That said, years ago, when Android was out of beta, Pixel phones could get it right away. But a Google spokesman said that they are working on improving Android 127, so users of Google Pixel phones will have to wait a few weeks to get a new version of Android, and the exact release date has not been announced yet.

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Source: Android Central

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