Analysis of a strange event; Why iPhone 14 does not have any special innovation?

In this article, we will examine why Apple did not use any special innovation in the standard model of the iPhone 14 series. Analysis of a strange event; Why iPhone 14 does not have any special innovation?

In this article, we will examine why Apple did not use any special innovation in the standard model of the iPhone 14 series.

This issue has almost become a press clich; Every year many analysts come and blame Apple for the lack of innovation in its products and predict that the Cupertino company will fail to satisfy customers. But usually these words do not come true and we see that Apple breaks records one after another with the release of its new phones and earns a profit of several billion dollars.

This article contains personal opinions of the author and they may not agree with it.

But this time the story seems to be different. No one predicted that Apple would suffer a terrible fate. Because everyone seems to understand well that Apple has different conditions from other companies. Rumors suggest that Apple does not want to equip iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus with a new chip. In fact, these phones will have a more powerful version of the same A15 that was used in the iPhone 13 Pro series last year, not the A16. Even some news outlets believe that the same A15 chip used in iPhone 13 will be used in iPhone 14. On the other hand, iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max are going to be available with a faster and more powerful chip called A16, and this is unprecedented in the history of Apple. (Apple usually equips Pro model flagships with a more powerful chip than the standard model, but there is not much difference between them and they are usually referred to as a single processor).

You might say iPhone 14 Plus because With a larger display and a much larger battery expected to be available, the lack of a new processor is somewhat justified. But what about iPhone 14? This 6.1-inch phone has no significant difference from the iPhone 13, except for a slightly higher processing power. This means that Apple has decided to market the same phone with a new name. Meanwhile, the iPhone 14 is expected to be the best-selling phone of 2023. Let's take a look at the table below to see how the iPhone 14 and 13 will differ according to news and rumors.

  • Same A15 chip (maybe with a little more power)
  • >
  • 6.1 inch OLED display
  • 128 GB basic capacity
  • Two cameras on the back panel with the same sensor
  • Same charging speed
  • Relatively similar battery

For a phone that is considered new, how do you evaluate these changes? Of course, these things mentioned above are not official and maybe there will be a change in them, but this is what we have learned from the latest rumors, which is definitely not good news for users and fans of Apple products. However, they will finally consider the iPhone 14 as a new product and probably set another good record. However, if this is all the innovation planned for the iPhone 14, it can't even be called the iPhone 13S, let alone a new iPhone.

Has Apple stopped innovating for the iPhone 14? ? Analysis of a strange event; Why iPhone 14 does not have any special innovation?

If the iPhone 14 has the same appearance and offers the same experience to users, it is practically the same is the device. A fanatical Apple fan might disagree with these statements, and he is right. The world of fans has the same situation. You can't get a fan of Apple or any other brand to admit that their beloved brand lacks innovation. We never have such an intention. As stated at the beginning of the article, this is only a personal analysis of the situation, which may not become the truth. So many may disagree with it.

We are talking more about when these rumors are true. In this case, even the most ardent Apple fans cannot deny that the iPhone 14 is the same as the iPhone 13 with a new name and no special innovations. The only conclusion that can be drawn from this situation is that Apple has stopped innovating for this phone and does not want to put a lot of effort into making it. But why?

It is clear that Apple is not a company without innovation. This issue can be seen well in the new operating system of this company. Therefore, this company, which is one of the leaders in the world of technology, cannot be underestimated or stigmatized as "incapable of applying new innovations". The truth is that this American company does not want to launch its cheap iPhone with attractive and good features and tends to only equip the Pro models with these features.

Do you think there is a logical explanation for why the iPhone model Not receiving the new chip standard? Why doesn't it have a 120 Hz display? Why is there still a big notch on the screen? Or why doesn't it have a better camera than the previous three generations? For the chip, some may consider the recent chip crisis to be the main culprit of these events. However, another group believes that A16 is not a new chip and is of the same technology Construction benefits. So this is not a good justification for Apple. Even if it is acceptable, what about other sectors? This doesn't seem to be a case of circumstance, but a strategic decision by Apple.

Remember removing the charger from the box? Apple and other companies claim that they have done this for the sake of protecting the environment. What eventually added billions of dollars to their pockets. However, its effect in reducing the amount of electronic waste cannot be ignored. But if the situation were the other way around, would companies accept to lose money to keep the environment healthy? Personally, I think that such a thing is not possible at all. In general, environmental damage has become a concern precisely because some companies are concerned about their money, either out of compulsion or on purpose. If I could, I would claim that no company is willing to lose money for the sake of protecting the environment.

Therefore, we cannot say that circumstances have forced Apple to call the iPhone 13 with a new name and without any special innovation as an iPhone. 14 to go to the market. Apple has made this decision and there is a logical reason for it; Apple does this because it can! You read it right! In terms of processor, Apple has created a good gap with Android competitors for several years, and Android companies have not yet been able to achieve a reliable design to compete with Apple. Analysis of a strange event; Why iPhone 14 does not have any special innovation?

Samsung, which continues to use the problematic and hot Snapdragon 8 generation 1 chip, and Exynos, which it is better not to discuss at all because our hearts are too full, and Google is fate. He left his chips in the hands of Samsung, which was close to defaming the popular Qualcomm among users. Although Google's tensor is great in terms of artificial intelligence capabilities, it still has nothing to say against Apple's A-series chips.

To sum it up, even if Apple doesn't produce chips for a year, it's still a new chip. Used in Android phones, they cannot compete with the same old processor of this American company.

The second reason seems a little cruel, but at the same time it is very logical. Since 2017, Apple has faced people whose interest in this brand has multiplied. For them, it doesn't matter if iPhones are innovative or not, they just want to have a new Apple brand phone. It's okay if they can't use the small screen as they should, it's okay if the screen is 60Hz and navigating the menu is less fun than doing it on a $500 Android phone, as long as they have an Apple phone. , are for the collective sake.

Taking this issue into consideration, Apple tries to use less innovation in this phone until it feels that it is enough and should be a little generous. In addition, Apple likes users to buy Pro models. Because these phones make a good profit for this company. By increasing the distance between the two phones, users will be more inclined to buy the Pro models, and this is exactly what Apple wants. If you're wondering how they're going to pay the high price if Apple pushes users to buy the Pro models, hold back. Apple phones sell anyway!

Now consider that Apple's attempt to attract users to Pro phones has coincided with a $100 price increase and likely to stop production. Pro models from last year. This means that Apple may remove the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max from its store so that users have the least choice to buy the Pro model from iPhones and have to choose new models.

Maybe Apple will focus on has shifted to something else!

Although we can talk for a long time about the reasons mentioned above, but there is a possibility that Apple has completely shifted its focus from smartphones and It works hard to make another product. If you're thinking about the company's mixed reality headset, you're absolutely right. This product is as important to Apple as folding phones are to Samsung. In fact, these two companies consider these two technologies to be the future of smart phones and gadgets, and they work hard to create an ideal and powerful product. Rumors suggest that Apple wants to unveil this product next year. Therefore, it is natural that it has already started its production. However, this is just a guess and cannot be relied on too much.

Also, inflation may not have had an effect on Apple's move. It is said that Apple does not want to increase the price of the standard model of the iPhone 14 series. If this is the case, naturally choosing the same old processor can be justified to some extent to reduce costs. Although we said above that A16 is not such a new chip that it has a huge price difference with A15.

Can Android companies take advantage of this opportunity? Analysis of a strange event; Why iPhone 14 does not have any special innovation?

For Android companies, this is perhaps the best It is an opportunity to compete with Apple and its new products. Snapdragon 8 Plus generation 1 appeared excellent in reviews and it is said that Snapdragon 8 generation 2 will be even better and less consuming. Apparently, Samsung will not use Exynos chips until it can achieve stable performance in chip manufacturing, and this in itself will attract thousands of people to this company. Samsung should appear extremely good with the Galaxy S23 series, so that users are not attracted to iPhones. With good features, their phones are a tough competitor for iPhone 14. For example, Xiaomi 12S Ultra is an attractive flagship, but it has a high price and is only sold in China. But the publicity surrounding it has been great and it has created quite a buzz. The same thing that Apple does every year. If Android companies do not take advantage of this opportunity, it is unlikely that they will have such a good opportunity again.

Now you say; In your opinion, what is the reason why Apple did not pay much attention to iPhone 14 and did not use any special innovation in it?

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