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An 8-year-old girl who has been named the youngest asteroid hunter

Nicole Oliveira, an 8-year-old Brazilian girl who has participated in NASA's citizen science projects, has discovered 18 asteroids so far.

When Brazilian Nicole Oliveira was a few months old, she raised her hands to reach the stars in the sky, and now, at just eight years old, she is known as the youngest astronomer to pursue as part of a NASA affiliate program. Asteroids, participates in international seminars and meets prominent space and scientific figures of his country.

This project, called Asteroid Hunters, aims to introduce young people to science and give them a chance. To make space explorations themselves. The program is run by the International Astronomical Search, a NASA-affiliated citizen science program in collaboration with the Brazilian Ministry of Science. Nicole has so far found 18 asteroids in the project and plans to name Brazilian scientists or Put his family members on them. NASA's other collaborations with nations have already led to the discovery of asteroids by students. "He breaks the Italian and becomes the youngest person in the world to officially discover an asteroid." "He really has sharp eyes," said Oliveira's teacher. "He immediately shows asteroid-like spots in the pictures and often helps his colleagues when they are unsure of their findings, and the most important thing is that he shares his knowledge with other children and helps to spread science."

BingMag.com An 8-year-old girl who has been named the youngest asteroid hunter

=Credit: Jarbas Oliveira/AFP:

In Oliveira's room are posters of the solar system, miniature models of rockets, and Star Wars figures, and she uses her computer to study images of the sky to find asteroids. "We only realized his passion for astronomy when he asked us for a telescope for his 4th birthday if I was not even familiar with the telescope!" said his mother, Zilma Janaca. But buying such an expensive gift was only possible when he was 7 years old and with the money raised by all his family and friends.

Duilia de Mello, an astronomer who discovered the supernova SN 1997D, and Marcos Pontes, the only Brazilian to go into space, talked and met. Nicole is now receiving a scholarship. The prestigious school intends to pursue its interest in becoming an aerospace engineer and hopes that all children in its country will have equal access to science.

  • Scientists Faster Discovered known asteroid

Cover photo: Nicole Oliveira and her telescope
Credit: Jarbas Oliveira/AFP

Source: Science Alert

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