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An image of Apple's new MacBook Pro with a screen notch has been released

BingMag.com An image of Apple's new MacBook Pro with a screen notch has been released

Recently, there have been many rumors about Apple's next-generation MacBooks, which suggest that these MacBooks will benefit from the notch at the top of the screen. . Yesterday, however, an image attributed to the MacBook Pro M1X with a notch at the top of the screen was posted on Twitter by a whistleblower named DuanRui, which seems to confirm such a design for the Apple laptop screen.

If you look closely at the published image , You can see the Facebook ID camera, microphone and ambient light sensor. Earlier this week, a Reddit user claimed that the next MacBook Pro would not use Face ID technology, and that Apple would continue to use the Touch ID fingerprint sensor. It should be noted that due to the low quality of this image, we can not guarantee the accuracy of this image. But if this image is correct, the MacBook Pro M1X will be available to users with very low screen margins.

BingMag.com An image of Apple's new MacBook Pro with a screen notch has been released

Another rumor has it that a developer named Saagar Jha found One of the Safari Technology Preview builds for the Mac display is referred to the safeAreaFrame API. This API is very similar to the APIs used in iOS, which help to display the contents correctly for the curved screen and notch of iPhone and iPad. However, the idea of a "safe area" in Macs is also used for other parts of the user interface, such as the full-screen toolbar. As a result, this API may not have anything to do with Notch.

However, using Notch Display will require some optimizations for the operating system, and macOS performance in this area is currently quite obscure, as use The notch at the top of the screen fits perfectly on the Mac menu bar, which would be a bit odd. In addition, another rumor claims that the entire keyboard of the new MacBook Pro is black, and that this is probably the biggest visual change to the keyboard since the Unibody redesign in the last decade. It is also possible that the redesigned chassis will be slightly thicker than the previous generation.

BingMag.com An image of Apple's new MacBook Pro with a screen notch has been released

With the introduction of the iPhone 10 in 2017, Apple unveiled its new authentication system called Face ID, which offered a completely different nature from Touch ID. In fact, Face ID is made up of intertwined hardware such as ambient light and proximity detection sensors, infrared cameras, projectors, and light sensors to detect faces in the dark. The tech giant has put the hardware together with a speaker, microphone and selfie camera in a notch and a large notch, and has been using this combination in iPhones for the fifth year in a row.

Apple on Monday The event will be hosted by Unleashed, and recent evidence suggests that the event will focus on the 14-inch and 16-inch versions of the MacBook Pro with a powerful M1 processor and mini LED displays. So we will probably see the most changes in the design language of this family of Apple notebooks since the 2016 redesign. The notebooks are also expected to feature a memory card slot, HDMI port and magnetic charging. Anyway, we have to wait and see what products will be unveiled at Apple's event on Monday.

Source: Macrumors

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