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An image of Apple's 35-watt charger package has been released

BingMag.com An <b>image</b> of <b>Apple's</b> <b>35-watt</b> <b>charger</b> <b>package</b> has been released

It looks like Apple plans to unveil its 35-watt fast charger soon, which also uses two USB-C ports, as We've just seen the release of the packaging image.

Apple has done a good job of producing high-speed chargers, but when we compare it to Chinese companies active in this field, we see that there is really nothing good. At present, the speed of the best charger of the American company reaches 20 watts, which is not at all comparable with the 30-watt to 120-watt chargers offered by competing companies. Of course, Apple does not make much effort in this regard, because if it wanted, it could easily produce such a charger. But the company does not want to give users good features all at once, and as usual is accustomed to innovating every few years.

But after years of staying at 20 watts, Apple has finally decided to make progress. Have a charger background. Some time ago we heard that Apple published a post about its 35-watt charger and then deleted it. The reason why this happened was not specified. Of course, at first we thought something was wrong because Mingchi Ko said that Apple's fast charger is 30 watts. Now, however, we find out that this charger is really 35 watts and it is going to be unveiled very soon.

After that, a series of information about this fast charger was published stating that Apple is going to make it from Use GaN or gallium nitrate technology, which makes the parts smaller and closer together, thus speeding up, reducing the heat generated, and making the charger smaller. On the other hand, by providing more space thanks to smaller parts, Apple can put a lot of features in it without worrying about the phone overheating during the charging process. Currently, only the adapter used to charge the 16-inch MacBook Pro uses such attractive technology (of course, we mean among Apple products).

BingMag.com An <b>image</b> of <b>Apple's</b> <b>35-watt</b> <b>charger</b> <b>package</b> has been released BingMag.com An <b>image</b> of <b>Apple's</b> <b>35-watt</b> <b>charger</b> <b>package</b> has been released BingMag.com An <b>image</b> of <b>Apple's</b> <b>35-watt</b> <b>charger</b> <b>package</b> has been released BingMag.com An <b>image</b> of <b>Apple's</b> <b>35-watt</b> <b>charger</b> <b>package</b> has been released

But let's talk about the charger itself, which has just released a picture of its packaging. This charger, as mentioned, is 35 watts and uses two USB-C ports. In fact, the full name of this charger is the 35W Dual USB-C power adapter, which also supports USB-PD, which means fast charging of supported devices. This product will most likely be introduced soon because mass production started two weeks ago but we do not know what price the company will consider for it or exactly when it will unveil them.

One of the characteristics The interesting thing about this charger, unlike many third-party chargers with two USB ports, is that the two ports are placed next to each other instead of one at the top and the other, for example, next to it. Of course, this design has no particular drawbacks, because USB-C series are usually very small and do not interfere with each other.

This charger will be available in five different models and with standards in accordance with the laws and policies of several countries. These countries will include the United States, India, European countries, and all of them, but in all of them, the charger speed will not change. For example, the two-pronged type is somewhat different.

35 watts is not very impressive, but considering that Apple's 20-watt charger did a fairly good job, it is expected that this charger The new one can show satisfactory performance and be fast enough to charge the best iPhone available in about 1 hour. Especially since it can be used to charge two devices at the same time. -C to Lightning should consider buying a more expensive model of this charger. An event that did not surprise us.

Source: PhoneArena

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