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An autopsy of the iPhone 13 shows hardware changes

BingMag.com An autopsy of the iPhone 13 shows hardware changes

A few hours ago, the first images related to the autopsy of the iPhone 13 were released, which show a smaller Taptic engine, a larger battery, and a change in the position of the parts. We are the TrueDepth camera system.

iPhone 13 series phones will be available to users from tomorrow, and although we usually see images and videos of professional autopsies a few weeks after the release of these phones, but now one of the revealers of a number of images Has released the internal parts of the iPhone 13 on Twitter.

This whistleblower did not explicitly mention the name of this model, but in any case we are dealing with the iPhone 13 or 13 mini. Among the changes we can mention is the shrinking of the Teptec motor, which is used for vibration feedback. Apple may have reduced the size of the engine to increase battery capacity. IPhone 13 series phones, in addition to using a larger battery, also use a lower-consumption chipset, which means increased battery life.

BingMag.com An autopsy of the iPhone 13 shows hardware changes

Apple has reduced the screen cut size for the iPhone 13 series by about 20%. To reduce the size of the notch, the company has moved the parts related to the selfie camera to the left, and the projector related to the Face ID system and the infrared camera have also been moved to the right. The speakerphone has also been moved to the upper part of the cutout, which has made it possible to reduce the screen cutout size. We'll have to wait for images and videos of professional autopsies to be released.

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Source: MacRumors

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