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An astronomical photographer captured a spectacular video of the James Webb Telescope passing through the night sky

An amateur astrophotographer preparing to capture an image of a nebula also captured the James Webb Space Telescope as it navigated toward Lagrangian 2.

The photographer originally intended to photograph the North American Nebula and the Rosette Nebula. But as he aimed his camera at the area from the sky, he wondered if his equipment could capture the James Webb Space Telescope, which made headlines by launching on Christmas Day 2021.

Ethan Gunn "When I saw the James Webb spacecraft moving between the frames, I realized I could make a time-lapse video of it moving in the night sky," he said with the $ 1799 Celestron telescope. The RASA 8, the $ 999 ZWO ASI183MM professional monochrome camera, is based on the $ 2268 iOptron CEM40 tropical deployment base and the 12-nanometer Astronomik H-alpha filter.

In the photos taken that night, the James Space Telescope 26 hours after launch, Webb is seen flying over a nebula near the star of the system, Alnilam, the brightest star in the Orion Belt.

Gonn added: It's flying, which takes our hope and curiosity to a world of darkness and cold and at the same time glorious, I'm so happy and emotional so I decided to make a video hoping to capture the emotions Let me share more with others.

After processing the photos the next day, he noticed a nebula in the background; A cosmic feature in the background that is approximately 1,300 light-years from Earth. Converting frames to TimeLaps video at 8K resolution at 60 frames per second gives a sense of how small the Web telecast is in the sky.

NASA's James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) with the help of the Space Agency Developed by Europe and the Canadian Space Agency. As a powerful and next-generation Hubble partner, the Telescope will capture accurate images of the universe in the infrared, which are sharper and more sensitive than Hubble images.

Scientists around the world are eager to observe with James Webb They expect the Telescope to be very busy. About 10,000 hours of observation time are pre-planned for the first year of operation, and while each year is only 8760 hours, additional reserved hours are provided to compensate for any unexpected issues that may occur.

Astronomical photographers interested in seeing and hunting the James Webb Space Telescope can locate it in the sky from anywhere on Earth using tools such as Moving Target Ephemerides.

Photo & Video: Passage James Webb Space Telescope from the night sky
Credit: Ethan Gone

Source: Peta Pixel

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