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An Apple TV commercial has announced the rescue of three people with the help of the Apple Watch 7 Series

BingMag.com An <b>Apple</b> TV <b>commercial</b> has <b>announced</b> the <b>rescue</b> of <b>three</b> <b>people</b> with the <b>help</b> of the <b>Apple</b> <b>Watch</b> 7 Series

Hearing that the Apple Watch 7 Series was able to help three people escape situations that could have easily ended in their deaths is a It's a thing, but it's scary to hear the real calls between them and the 911 operators who sent medical aid to save their lives. These stories are true and the lives of three people were really in serious danger of death. Apple has created a 60-second TV commercial that makes your hair stand on end.

In this TV commercial, three Apple Watch 7 Series users are in danger of death and turn to their Apple Watch for help. The video begins with the voice of Operator 911 asking, "What is your emergency situation?" Amanda replies that she was involved in a car accident and her car overturned. Worse, water enters the car and he can not get out. Then we turn to the second incident in which a sailor is driven into the sea due to strong winds. The third and final fatal case is of a farmer named Jim who fell into a 21-foot hole, broke his leg and could not get out (or even bring anyone to help him). The common denominator of all three was the Apple Watch Series 7 on their wrists.

BingMag.com An <b>Apple</b> TV <b>commercial</b> has <b>announced</b> the <b>rescue</b> of <b>three</b> <b>people</b> with the <b>help</b> of the <b>Apple</b> <b>Watch</b> 7 Series

Amanda in the car His overturned water was filling, he was asked if he could break the glass to escape drowning due to rising water. The operator tells him to try to talk to him. He says the water has risen and reached his neck. Jason, the rider who was led by the wind to the sea, says he is too far from shore and can no longer fight the wind. Jim Keshavarz tells operator 911 that he can not access his phone and talks to his Apple Watch. He asks the dispatchers to hurry to rescue him because he is really seriously injured.

Some time later, Jason is sent to sea and sees the rescue forces sent by 911. Amanda, who is trapped in a car full of water, reports that rescuers in her car open it and rescue her. "With the help of their smartwatch, Jason, Jim and Amanda were rescued in minutes," Apple wrote in the ad. "These are just three of the many incredible stories in which people were able to use the Apple Watch to escape certain death," the American tech giant said on YouTube.

It has become the most popular Watch in the world and sells more than manufacturers such as Rolex, Timex, Casio, Seiko and others. In November, we introduced you to the 8 Series renderings that have been published in various reports. Display industry leader Ross Yang says Apple may increase the screen size for the 8 Series model. He also went on to say that the Apple Watch 8 Series could be available in three sizes next year. He wrote in a post on his Twitter page that it would not be surprising if Apple introduced its smartwatches in 3 sizes next year.

If you remember, before the unveiling of the Apple Watch 7 Series, rumors It was announced that these Apple smartwatches with rounded edges will reach users, which was just a rumor, and the Apple Watch 7 Series was unveiled with a flat and flat screen. These rumors are also heard for the 8 Series, and it is possible that the rounded sides will return with the 8 Series. The Apple Watch is known for its health-related features, and the 8 Series is expected to feature body temperature scanners, fertility sensors, ECG enhancements, and sleep tracking sensors.

BingMag.com An <b>Apple</b> TV <b>commercial</b> has <b>announced</b> the <b>rescue</b> of <b>three</b> <b>people</b> with the <b>help</b> of the <b>Apple</b> <b>Watch</b> 7 Series

In addition, this could be a year when Apple surprises Apple Watch users even more, and it does so with a blood sugar sensor. Numerous reports claim that the American company is working on sensors to measure the user's blood sugar level using short-wavelength infrared sensors without the need for blood sampling. These components are a type of sensor that is commonly used in sanitary devices. At present, diabetics have to test their blood sugar levels by drawing their own blood and testing it in a painful and costly process. So if Apple can put such a sensor in the Apple Watch 8 Series, it could be a great help to the diabetic community.

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