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AMD will unveil the Raizen 7000 5-nanometer chips this fall

BingMag.com <b>AMD</b> will <b>unveil</b> the <b>Raizen</b> <b>7000</b> <b>5-nanometer</b> <b>chips</b> this fall

It looks like AMD wants to unveil its new Raizen 7000 series chips this fall. Desktop chips are said to be based on 5nm lithography. AMD performs well in the PC processor market. The company is more advanced in terms of chip manufacturing technology than Intel, which has a very long history in this field. While Intel continues to use 10-nanometer manufacturing technology to design its chips, AMD wants to unveil its representatives with a 5-nanometer lithography in a big surprise this fall. According to AMD CEO Lisa Soo, the chips use Zen 4 cores, which means they have built-in graphics with RDNA2 technology, support for DDR5 RAMs, a high-speed PCIe 5.0 interface, and, of course, relatively lower power consumption.

AMD also wants to unveil the new AM5 socket along with these chips. These sockets are LGA and 1718 pin type, but they still support coolers designed for the AM4 socket. This is great news, especially for those users who already have a good cooler on their AM4 socket and just want to upgrade their CPU in the future.

BingMag.com <b>AMD</b> will <b>unveil</b> the <b>Raizen</b> <b>7000</b> <b>5-nanometer</b> <b>chips</b> this fall

Motherboards that support this socket will have 24 channels of communication with PCIe 5.0 technology, which will be split between the internal memory and the graphics. 14 USB ports with a very high speed of 20 Gbps (SuprSpeed), 4 HDMI 2.1 ports and also a DisplayPort 2 port will be among the features that these motherboards offer (the number of ports and channels is mentioned in most cases). These boards are available in three different variants: the B650 for casual users, the X670 for relatively advanced users such as gamers who want high-speed PCIe 5.0 memory, and the X670 Xtreme for advanced users.

Intel has not yet mastered the technology of 7nm manufacturing, and it looks like AMD will once again be able to overtake its traditional competitor in terms of processing power. Of course, we should not forget how good the blue team was in building the 12th generation of its chips. Intel has used two types of cores inside these chips and has named this technique big.SMALL; A technique in which two types of cores, large and small, are placed inside a chip, one of which is actually high-performance (Performance Cores, or P-Cores for short) and the other is low-power (Efficient Cores, or E-Core for short). With the same technology, Intel was able to excel in terms of processing, but now it remains to be seen what the answer will be to the 5nm technology of the Raizen 7000 series.

By the end of this year, AMD will focus on the Raizen 7000 series chips. But in the last three months of the year, the company looks set to unveil 6-nanometer chips called Mendocino. Designed for laptops, these chips use Zen 2 cores and RDNA2 graphics; With these interpretations, these processors should be perfectly ideal for products priced at $ 400 to $ 700, which means that economical laptops will soon have excellent processing performance.

Source: Engadget

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