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AMD warns Windows 11 will slow down the performance of Advisor processors

Windows 11 has just been released as the latest version of Microsoft's Windows operating system. While many users are eagerly awaiting this update, it looks like systems running AMD's Raizen processors will suffer from Windows 11 installation. And he made a great noise. First, the appearance of this operating system changed completely compared to Windows 10, which is why many users were eager to install it. Microsoft, on the other hand, has taken a hard line on installing and updating it, saying that not everyone with any system can get the operating system and instead have to deal with the same Windows 10 that will be supported until 2025. >

This has led many users to look for a way to circumvent Microsoft's strict policies so that they can experience Windows 11 on their system, instead of just waiting for the update to arrive. Although the American company is fully aware of this issue, it announced that if a user does so, it will be able to use Windows 11 with all its features, but there is no news of providing an update, and any problem that occurs for its system, Microsoft will not accept anything.

issues like this made a lot of noise and many users complained about why such a decision was made. But it seems that even those users who have the system eligible to download Windows 11 are already in trouble. Apparently, users with systems based on AMD's Raizen processors will see a significant drop in CPU performance with Windows 11 installed.

As we've reported, there is an unknown issue that is causing AMD chips Advisors may experience a drop in performance when running a series of specific applications in Windows 11. There seem to be two reasons for this problem at the moment, but we do not know if solving them will make things better or if there are other things that need to be controlled.

Interestingly, according to AMD's official list All of the company's processors that fully support Windows 11 have this problem. That is, the Raizen 2000 series processors that went on the market in 2018, rather than the models that became available this year. This is not a problem for those who have circumvented Microsoft rules.

Although it is not yet clear exactly why this happened, it seems that one possible source could be a problem that can delay the latency of AMD 3 processors to Increases 3 times. Decreased third-level cache at the same time affects access to certain applications. Although performance downgrades have been reported at 3 to 5 percent, AMD wrote in its support documents that in a series of games, the performance drop could be as high as 10 to 15 percent. Is associated with the operating system to determine which processor kernel can achieve the highest frequency in the execution of an activity. For some reason, the UEFI CPPC2 system in Windows 11 does not always preferably enable sub-cores for the fastest core; As a result, the performance of the system slows down and its speed decreases. Especially when running single-threaded applications.

According to AMD, applications that depend on the performance of one or more strings are also likely to run into problems; Especially in systems whose processors have more than 8 cores and power consumption of more than 65 watts. It is not clear when the issue will be resolved and we will have to wait and see what AMD plans to improve.

Source: PCMag

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