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Amazon accidentally leaked information about the new Kindle piper

Amazon's site accidentally leaked information about a new unidentified Kindle Piper Reader. Amazon's new product will enter the gadget market with a 6.8-inch display, which is larger than the previous series of these readers. But no information has been released on whether the new Kindle Paperware reader supports USB Type-C. Mexican Amazon left and then quickly cleared, leaked. In a chart released by Amazon Canada's Good e Reader, two new Amazon gadgets were displayed on various charts and compared to the previous generation of Amazon e-readers.

Two new e-book models Amazon, the new Kindle Paperwright, and the Kindle Paperwright Signature Edition will likely enter the gadget market for around $ 117 and $ 164, respectively. Both models have a larger 6.8-inch E-Ink display compared to the current 6-inch Kindle Piper, but only in the newer model, which is also more expensive, along with more memory and automatic adjustment of the screen brightness based on ambient light. , A new wireless charger will be used.

As it seems, the original version of the new Kindle Paperwright uses 8 GB of RAM. The Signature Kindle Paperwright, meanwhile, has 32GB of RAM, and these are exactly the two options found on current Kindle Pewrights. The resolution of these two new models of Amazon readers is the same as the previous versions of 300 pixels per inch and has not changed much.

However, in the two new models, the number of white LEDs used from 5 in the previous version It has been increased to 17 and their color temperature should be adjustable like the Kindle version of Oasis. The screens of both devices are designed with the same margins and, like the Kindle version of the Qapali piper, have IPX8 waterproof certification. Regarding the communication methods of the new model, it should be said that it supports the connection to the WiFi modem, but no information has been published as to whether this is the case with the SIM card data.

New Kindle Amazon is on its way

While the new Kindle Paperwright has inherited some of its features from the Kindle Oasis, it has certainly retained some of its proprietary features for the premium version. These new features are based on a chart released by Amazon Canada's Good e Reader, including ergonomic design, auto-rotate screen, and physical rotate buttons.

No disclosure of which USB connection type will be used. So it is unclear whether Amazon will eventually abandon its long-standing use of microUSB and switch to USB Type-C. Even the Pendium version of the Kindle Oasis uses the old USB, which is a bit annoying.

Is to be released as an update for all Kindles produced from 2015. The new Kindle interface adds a new status bar to the gadget, making it easier to navigate between the gadget's home screen, library, and ongoing activity. This new user interface will probably be available for other Kindles after being released on new Kindles, and users of these gadgets can benefit from the new features of this new user interface by updating their system.

Amazon $ 500 million annually to build the game It spends

Source: The Verge

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