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All the changes we expect from the iPhone 13

As you probably know, Apple will unveil the iPhone 13 series in just two days on September 14th. In the meantime, there is almost nothing left unsaid about these phones, and in this article we are going to discuss all the changes of these phones.

A combination of old and new designs

Before we get into the new features, we need to look at the features that will not change. Apple is said to be unveiling four models in similar sizes to the iPhone 12 series on Tuesday. This means we should expect the iPhone 13 with a 6.1-inch display, the iPhone 13 Pro Max 6.7-inch, the iPhone 13 Pro 6.1-inch and the iPhone 13 Mini 5.4-inch. The screen resolution of these phones will be the same as the previous generation.

BingMag.com All the changes we expect from the iPhone 13

Meanwhile, according to reports Various It seems that the screen size of these phones has been reduced to some extent. It looks like we're going to have a 1-inch cut instead of a 1.38-inch-wide cut. According to various rumors, in 2022 Apple will use the screen hole for the new iPhones, and it will probably be a step in the right direction to reduce the screen cut size.

Other features revealed should be refresh the 120Hz screen Note that the Pro models display a variety of content in a smoother and more attractive way, but on the other hand, the battery consumption also increases. Of course, thanks to the increased battery capacity of all models, users will probably not face a reduction in battery life in this area. There are rumors that the display will always be on.

Extensive camera improvements

BingMag.com All the changes we expect from the iPhone 13

The protrusion of the camera of all 4 models is larger than their previous generation, and as a result we are dealing with new features. This year, all models' cameras have the ability to move the sensor to reduce hand-shake, which improves the quality of photos taken in low-light environments as well as videos. Benefits automatically. The lens of this camera, instead of 5 pieces, is now based on 6 pieces and therefore has a better quality. Other expected features include better camera performance in low light environments as well as the ability to photograph the night sky.

Last year, only Pro models came with a LiDAR sensor, but this year all models are equipped with such a sensor. . This means that in addition to the Pro models, users can take advantage of more augmented reality features using regular models.

Hardware Features

BingMag.com All the changes we expect from the iPhone 13

Apple is always launching new iPhone models with a new chip, and this year it will follow the same rule. Is no exception. The iPhone 13 comes with the A15 chipset, which is not much different from the previous generation and is reportedly slightly faster and consumes relatively less power.

On the other hand, unlike the current Pro models, which have a maximum capacity Up to 512 GB, the next generation will have a maximum of 1 terabyte of internal memory. There have been reports of support for satellite phones, but not many details have been released about this feature and we can not say for sure.

Release date and price

If Apple continues to follow the previous years, the pre-sale of iPhone 13 phones will probably start on September 17 (September 26) and will be available to buyers on September 24 (October 2). Regarding their price, no reliable report has been published yet, but considering the global shortage of chips, the increase in the price of these phones is not far from the mind.

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