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Alder Lake 12-core mobile processor challenges Intel AMD

BingMag.com Alder Lake 12-core mobile processor challenges Intel AMD

Alder Lake is the name of a new generation of Intel processors for desktops and laptops. Although there have been various rumors and rumors about the desktop type of these processors, but so far little information has been leaked about Alder Lake mobile processors.

Of course, we have to say that recently information about an Alder Lake processor for Laptops have been released showing that the Intel Core i7 1270P processor has 12 processor cores and is used in the new model of the Samsung Galaxy Book.

This new information was obtained by BenchLeaks. The source said that information about the processor that was not unveiled was recorded in the Geekbench database. This happened while Geekbench announced that it would prevent the release of benchmarks for processors that were not unveiled.

However, the information released from this processor includes information about the generation name and There is even the name of the processor. Published information about this processor is:

  • Processor: Intel Core i7 1270P (12 cores and 16 threads)
  • Lowest, highest and highest: 7846, 22882, 17204 MHz
  • Code Name: Alder Lake
  • CPUID: 906A2 (GenuineIntel)
  • Ratings Compared to AMD 5800X
  • Single-Core Processor: 851, 50.8%
  • Multi-core: 3623, 66.3%

Of course, not much information can be obtained from these results. If we want to cite these results, we must say that the Intel Core i7 1270P processor is about 40% weaker than the Intel Core i7 1165G7 processor currently used in the current generation of the Samsung Galaxy Book.

This is happening and the poor performance of this processor contradicts the rumors that have already been spread about Intel Alder Lake processors. Rumor has it that even the weakest Alder Lake processors have 20% more processing power than their predecessors.

BingMag.com Alder Lake 12-core mobile processor challenges Intel AMD

An interesting point in this leaked information is the technical specifications of this processor. This information shows that this processor has 12 processing cores and 16 threads. Also, the operating frequency of this processor in the basic mode is equal to 2.5 GHz, in the maximum mode it is equal to 9 MHz (this number is not a typo, and in the main news source, this number is mentioned and it is emphasized that it is not a typo).

Of course, due to the fact that this processor was not unveiled, some features may have been disabled when taking a benchmark with this processor, or the benchmark taken from this processor may have been taken in certain circumstances. As a result, the numbers listed about the operating frequency of this processor can not be trusted. You can now prepare. Of course, if we ignore certain laptops that use desktop-class processors. For comparison, AMD's Raizen 5000 processors for laptops have only eight processing cores.

  • Intel has reserved most of TSMC's capacity to produce a 3-nanometer chip

BingMag.com Alder Lake 12-core mobile processor challenges Intel AMD

Published information indicates that the latest version of the Windows operating system, Windows 11, uses the Thread Director feature to use this hybrid architecture. Using this tool will allow the operating system to figure out which tasks require high processing power.

  • Intel wants to produce 1.8-nanometer processors by 2025
  • They show that another version of the Alder Lake-P processor is used in the Samsung Galaxy Book, which has 14 processing cores. With that in mind, Samsung will launch the Galaxy Book laptop with a variety of processors.

    Intel will unveil Alder Lake processors this year. Despite the unveiling of these processors this year, it is still not possible to say for sure which type of processor Intel will be the first to offer, ie desktop or mobile processors. Of course, it is possible that the company will launch all of these processors on the same date.

    Rumors suggest that Intel will first unveil its desktop processors at an event on October 27 And these processors will be released in November. Finally, we hope that the next generation of Intel mobile processors will be introduced in these dates.

    • Intel made the dream of building human-like processors closer to reality

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