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AirPads Pro 2 will have three fundamental and practical changes

BingMag.com <b>AirPads</b> <b>Pro</b> 2 will <b>have</b> <b>three</b> <b>fundamental</b> and <b>practical</b> changes

It looks like Apple is going to launch the AirPads Pro 2 with three new changes: higher sound quality, a new design, and Health-related technologies.

In 2019, Apple unveiled the AirPads Pro, one of the best wireless airbags on the market, with many features. This product is so high quality that even after three years, many users are still eager to buy it. Of course, those who use it for a long time will most likely have a problem with it in terms of battery life, because three years is a long time.

Now, it seems, the company The American has finally decided to launch the second generation AirPads Pro. Of course, this product is supposed to be unveiled and launched in the market this fall, but there is information about it that makes us fully hope for it. Information about this product has been published by Mark Gorman, one of the senior authors of the Bloomberg website; So you can count on him to say something.

According to Gorman, the AirPads Pro 2 will apparently improve in three areas over the previous generation, and although none of them mentioned improving battery life, it did. They are good to keep us hopeful.

Higher sound quality

Less than a year ago, Apple unveiled Lossless for more than 75 million pieces of music. But due to the limitations of Bluetooth, which reduces the bandwidth when connecting a wearable gadget to a phone or any other device, this feature is not supported by any of Apple's wireless earphones or headphones, so only third-party wired headphones can be used. Take advantage of it.

Regarding the Lossless feature, we must say that users can use it to listen to and enjoy music in the same quality as it is recorded in the studio. But because of its high bit rate and low bandwidth of the Bluetooth interface, it is usually not possible to support it in headphones or wireless winds.

Has this capability. The question is, has Apple been able to find a way to offer this feature via Bluetooth or has it developed a new connection for this purpose? Or maybe it's a newer version of AirPlay with less delayed Lossless audio transmission. However, if a new wireless communication protocol is developed, we will probably have to hear about it in the coming days because it will be a huge event.

2. Brand New Design

BingMag.com <b>AirPads</b> <b>Pro</b> 2 will <b>have</b> <b>three</b> <b>fundamental</b> and <b>practical</b> changes

As Gorman says, the AirPads Pro 2 will have either shorter handles, or at all for Those categories will not be considered. In addition to this relatively positive change, the charger case will most likely have changes, the most important of which are the built-in speaker for Find My capability, as well as the relatively high resemblance to the AirPads 3 charger case.

3. Health Capability and Silicon Series Improvement

It was in December 2021 that Mingchuku, one of Apple's best-known analysts, claimed that in addition to powerful chips that would add support for Lossless capability to AirPads, health tracking capabilities Will also be added to this product. For example, one of the health features to be added to the AirPads Pro 2 will calculate the user's breathing rate using special sound waves and microphone feedback.

We've heard before that headphones or AirPads may have features Equipped with health but we did not know Apple was going to add them to its expected product. Of course, this is a rumor at the moment, and it remains to be seen whether it will lead to the truth or not. It looks like Apple wants to unveil the AirPads Pro 2 this fall. Now it will be considered a separate event or we will see its unveiling with the iPhone 14 series.

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