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9 advantages of iPhone and iOS over Android and Android phones in 2021

BingMag.com 9 advantages of iPhone and iOS over Android and Android phones in 2021

Earlier in another article, we reviewed the 10 advantages of Android and Android phones over iOS and iPhone phones and said that for these reasons, buying a phone Android and their preference for iPhone and iOS makes sense. But in this article, we will focus on 9 cases in which iPhone and iOS have better performance than Android and Android phones.

Both Android and iOS are two extremely large and rich ecosystems that the user can choose from. It will definitely be a fun experience. However, there are users who always prefer one over the other, and this preference has its own reasons. Some of them are logical and some, like all similar competitions, offer emotional reasons.

But which one is really right? The answer to this question is not clear at all unless the user first determines what he needs and what he wants to do with his phone. Only then can we say which ecosystem is more suitable for this person. But in general, there are a number of differences between the two that have not been ineffective in creating this conflict.

In iOS, the focus is more on maintaining the security and speed of the phone than on the various capabilities. On the other hand, Android has a completely opposite procedure and most of its attention is on the appearance and capabilities of the software. As a result of this, we see that users are very interested in their ecosystem.

As mentioned, in another article, we reviewed 10 sections in which Android and Android phones perform better than iPhone and iOS they had. In this case, however, the goal is exactly the opposite, but the number of our reasons is less and reaches 9. Finally, we want to determine which of these reasons are really valuable and decisive.

Attractive, launcher and various icons for applications, price, different designs of Android phones, USB-C, number of applications, fast charging, split screen (split screen), sideload applications (installed from external sources other than the official store) and professional file management system we did. In this article, however, we will look at the following 9:

  • Apple ecosystem
  • Face ID
  • Software Support
  • Ease of Use
  • Software Optimization
  • iPhone prices are no longer too high
  • No bloatware
  • Direct support
  • Facebook and iMessage

1. Apple ecosystem

BingMag.com 9 advantages of iPhone and iOS over Android and Android phones in 2021

One of the main reasons why iOS and iPhone are superior to Android and Android phones This is the value and quality of the ecosystem. If budget does not matter to you, buying an iPhone is just like buying one of the car parts that you should buy to have an enjoyable experience.

This means if you have an iPhone or Apple Watch or Use AirPads wireless headphones, the coordination between these devices will delight you. The connection between Apple devices can hardly be seen on other devices. For example, the AirDrop feature, which allows the user to quickly transfer files between iPhones and Macs, or even between iPhones and iPads. You have to go for no other product than this company. This move may reduce the number of users, but it will have an attractive result. Other Android companies, led by Samsung, have been working on this for several years, but in the end, none of them are even close to Apple in this regard. That's why we say the value of Apple's ecosystem is so high.

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2. Facebook ID

BingMag.com 9 advantages of iPhone and iOS over Android and Android phones in 2021

It was not considered an advantage of iOS and iPhone over Android and Android phones. Although no other Android device can compete with Apple in terms of face scanning and unlocking the phone based on it, the installation of such a sensor persuaded the American company to place a large notch on the top of the iPhone screen to fit these sensors. This is why iPhones no longer have the modern look and full-screen display, while many Android companies have been able to achieve this by designing selfie camera holes.

Of course, the fingerprint function under the screen is always It's not great, and the face ID was not at all satisfactory, especially during the Corona era when everyone had a face mask. Therefore, it is not possible to say which ones are necessarily superior to the other. But in general, users agree with Touch ID until they have to hold their face directly in front of the phone every day without much change to unlock it.

3. Software Support

BingMag.com 9 advantages of iPhone and iOS over Android and Android phones in 2021

Another area that leaves no room for discussion is iPhone software support. . Apple even has a history of supporting a phone for 6 years, and that's amazing. In general, the support period for iPhones is up to 5 years, and even in this case, no Android company, not even Google, has the same functionality as Apple.

Currently, the largest amount of software and security support belongs to Samsung, which Reaches three and four years for flagship handsets and powerful midrange, respectively. Of course, it is said that the security support period for Google Pixel 6 phones will reach 5 years, but it seems unlikely that Google will provide the same amount of software support for its phones.

However, as long as an Android company really does. If it does not pursue a policy of supporting its phones in software for 5 years or even 4 years, iPhones will be by far the best phone in terms of support. Just imagine you buy an iPhone today but you are sure it will be supported for half a decade to come; What could be better and more valuable than this?

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4. Ease of use

BingMag.com 9 advantages of iPhone and iOS over Android and Android phones in 2021

If you are tired of the many complexities of Android phones or the operating system in general, and You are looking for a more secluded and complex operating system so that you do not have to face different options every time, iPhone and iOS will be your choice. Although this operating system is rich in good features, it is so well optimized that everything seems to be in place in the best possible way, so there is no particular complexity.

The first time the iPhone Set yourself up and make the necessary changes to it, this will probably be the last time you do this. Of course, apart from the fact that this phone does not allow much use of themes and features like this, you yourself will not want to change anything but change the wallpapers. Because everything is in place, from the various options in the settings to the icons and

this may bore you because of the slight monotony, but if you are one of those users who have a uniform appearance of your phone It does not bother and does not cause you to download and install various themes from time to time, iPhone will be a good option because it forces you to work with the phone rather than spend your time working on its capabilities.

5. Optimal software

BingMag.com 9 advantages of iPhone and iOS over Android and Android phones in 2021

This is one of the best features of iOS that is really better than You will feel Android. Of course, if you have used the phones of both companies, you will fully understand this issue. On Android phones, it may have happened to you that you install an application and you can not use it at all. This is because of problems such as crashes, crashes of the program or something like that. But this is not the case in iOS, and it can be said that all the apps in the department store work well.

The main reason for this is that iPhones are produced in very small numbers, and that is why Optimizing their software is not a difficult task. Therefore, it can be said that all the apps in the App Store are optimized for these phones in the best possible way. You have not witnessed it. Instead, you had the unique experience of working with a smartphone, which we can call the "Apple Experience."

Of course, we mentioned in a previous article that the Play Store has more apps, and that We had an advantage for this ecosystem, but now we have to point out that not all of those apps are necessarily going to work properly. On the other hand, almost all professional and interesting applications are released for iOS and then for Android. The main reason for this may be that Apple pays more to developers. The second reason for this could also be the tremendous optimization that takes place on these applications. Naturally, when you are developing a game or application, your first choice will be the platform that displays your application in its best form and performance.

6. IPhones are no longer as expensive as before

Of course, this may not be very true in our country, but the truth is that iPhones are no longer as expensive as before, and even if we want to compare them with Samsung phones, we see that Korean company flagships also have higher prices. Of course, this has nothing to do with iOS and is more about the iPhones themselves and Apple's pricing policy.

You might say that price was one of the strengths of Android phones compared to iPhones, but here The title is considered the strength of the iPhones. You should know that in a recent article, we said that Apple always produces flagships in the Android world, phones with lower technical specifications and much lower prices are also seen. You might think that a $ 200 phone will meet your needs, but there is no such thing as a $ 200 phone in the Apple ecosystem. So even if you are interested in the phones of this company, you can no longer buy them because you do not need a product with this power.

BingMag.com 9 advantages of iPhone and iOS over Android and Android phones in 2021

But if you want to buy a flagship, the price becomes the strength of the iPhones. Phones that are no longer as expensive as before and users can afford them. Just go to the stores (not inside) and see that buying a flagship like the Galaxy S21 Ultra or the OnePlus 9 Pro does not cost you much less than buying an iPhone 12 Pro Max.

You should even consider this. Note that the Galaxy S21 Ultra is more expensive than the iPhone 12 Pro Max and even the iPhone 13 Pro Max. The Galaxy Z Fold 3 is priced almost twice as expensive as an expensive iPhone because of its foldable and special shape. So if you are planning to buy a flagship, you should know that Apple is putting valuable products in front of you. Even at the time of sale, you will be happy to hear that iPhones maintain their high prices to some extent, even after a few years, but Android phones will drop sharply in price for various reasons.

7. No bloatware

No malware is another good advantage of iOS and iPhone compared to Android and Android phones. When you buy an Android phone, it is full of pre-installed apps that you may not need at all 70% of them. So there are two ways for you; either delete them or hide or disable some that are not deleted, which is really annoying. Because definitely no one wants to buy a product that is full of useless apps.

But in iOS the story is different and we do not see such cases anymore. You get exactly what you paid for. This means that when you buy an iPhone for a large amount of money, you will see a menu that fits an expensive and high-end phone. We understand that companies also need to make money, and they do this by installing the same third-party applications. But if we are reasonable, we can see that by selling the flagship phone to the user, companies are earning enough money that they do not need to do this at all, and Apple is well aware of this.

8. Direct support

BingMag.com 9 advantages of iPhone and iOS over Android and Android phones in 2021

The next case still does not apply to Apple in our country, but in the form of Overall, the world shows the value of buying more iPhones. If you buy an iPhone in a country where Apple stores are located and a problem occurs with your phone, you can get direct support from the company. This is not the case with Android phones. Of course, there are a number of exceptions that can not be denied, but Apple is really honest in this regard and we know that any problem that arises for our phone, there are those who will answer our questions.

Of course As mentioned, there is no store or shopping center in our country where Apple employees are officially engaged in providing services. Therefore, those who buy iPhones in the country do so in the hope that there will be no particular problem with the phone, and in fairness, we have rarely heard of iPhones having strange problems.

9 . FaceTime and iMessage

BingMag.com 9 advantages of iPhone and iOS over Android and Android phones in 2021

Finally we come to another strength of iOS and iPhones compared to Android And Android phones, which of course is the last item on this list. Of course, this feature is more thanks to iOS, which is available in iPhones. If we were to finish our work without mentioning Facebook and iMessage, it would definitely lose its value, because these two applications are literally unique in what they do.

Of course, if we want to Logically, there are similar apps in the Android ecosystem, but the unparalleled compatibility of these apps with the Apple ecosystem is amazing. These apps are so great that you no longer need Messenger or WhatsApp because you have apps that work both as messengers and as an online service. And it may not be unique, but this unique synchronization and coordination that this application has in different Apple devices has made it one of the best applications in this field. It is also possible to make voice and video calls through this application, and recently many features have been added to it in iOS 15.

BingMag.com 9 advantages of iPhone and iOS over Android and Android phones in 2021 BingMag.com 9 advantages of iPhone and iOS over Android and Android phones in 2021

These were not all the features and advantages of iOS and iPhone compared to Android and Android phones, but we tried to introduce the most important ones to you if you are going to buy , Make better and more logical choices. Of course, both the advantages of Android and the advantages of iOS can not be overstated to say that if you choose an ecosystem, you will regret it. In fact, they are both good enough to meet all your needs. Because for example, for every difference we mentioned, there are at least 5 similarities between the two operating systems, which means that both are great for meeting your needs. It just depends on what product you are buying.

If you think there is another advantage we should have mentioned, let us know in the comments section.

Source: PhoneArena

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