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According to statistics, this is what makes people happy in the workplace

BingMag.com <b>According</b> to statistics, this is <b>what</b> <b>makes</b> <b>people</b> <b>happy</b> in the workplace

By 2021, many companies were struggling with a resignation crisis. Many employees thought about what was best and most lovable for them. Of course, it is completely natural. But work full-time somewhere, spend most of your waking hours during the week at work, thinking about work, or commuting to and from your office. As a result, it is only natural that you should want to be happy with what you are doing. But what makes employees happy at work? Much research has been done in this area that we will review.

Happiness vs. Job Satisfaction

To begin the discussion, we need to distinguish between happiness and satisfaction. A person may love his job, be completely satisfied with his career path, but still do not be happy while doing it and do not enjoy it very much. Satisfaction is a long-term state, but happiness happens in the moment.

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Studies that look at things They make people feel satisfied with their job satisfaction, often asking people about their overall satisfaction. They then relate the differences between people's responses to different aspects of the job. On the other hand, studies that focus on momentary happiness try to focus on specific events. These studies may interview employees at certain times of the day and ask them about positive or negative feelings or what they are doing. Some participants are asked to review the events of the previous days and think about their actions and feelings.

what makes a job satisfied?

Good factors and criteria for predicting satisfaction There are people from their work. Some focus on how professional and important people find their work. These occupations usually include items that serve a specific purpose that have a greater social impact than other duties and occupations. people in such jobs usually have more job satisfaction. Because they relate their daily tasks to a more important topic and see it as a social call. These people are more satisfied with their job than other occupational groups.

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You might think such jobs Only includes high-level organizational jobs or working for nonprofits. But this is not the case. Anyone who feels that their work is related to a larger goal can experience their work as a calling and important job, regardless of the specific task their job requires.

The second approach is based on a framework called "theory". Job characteristics. The basic premise of this framework is that there are five dimensions to your job that can potentially increase your job satisfaction. These 5 dimensions include the following:

  • A variety of skills and activities are required to do this. So you do a lot of different things.
  • Instead of just working on a small piece of the puzzle, you are responsible from the beginning to the end of the process and the path.
  • This job is more important. (The same as before; for example, feel that your job is a social responsibility.)
  • You get feedback on your efforts frequently and at appropriate times to find out if you've been good at your job.

The more your job has these characteristics Yes, your job satisfaction will probably be even greater.

BingMag.com <b>According</b> to statistics, this is <b>what</b> <b>makes</b> <b>people</b> <b>happy</b> in the workplace

what events make you happy every day Does it?

As mentioned earlier, scientific studies distinguish between job satisfaction and being happy in the workplace. By that definition, what does science say about the happiness of your moments during the day and at work?

Some studies only measure the amount of pleasure that people get from doing daily activities. Studies like this show that out of all the things that people do during the day, the only thing that people enjoy doing the least is going to and from work. They also enjoy spending time with friends and acquaintances more than spending time with manager and co-workers. All in all, when we look at the average level of happiness of these people, the place of happiness in the workplace is not interesting at all.

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However, there are definitely different job opportunities that make you happy. Success at work is exactly what makes people happy. Finishing projects, signing a contract, participating in a sale, or coming up with a great idea are some of the things that make people feel happy in the workplace. In addition, any activity during which you think only of the moment feels good. For example, having a great conversation that leads to new ideas, or making progress in reporting or working with computer software are other examples of instant joy in the workplace.

Research on The job characteristics mentioned in the previous section also show that doing something unusual for your job (work out of the ordinary) that is associated with job satisfaction, generally leads to happiness. For example, if you always have someone by your side who oversees and supervises your work, but you finally get the opportunity to do something unsupervised and with complete independence, you will probably enjoy it and be happy.

The results of this research are invaluable. Because you can use them to find ways to maximize your job satisfaction and also to increase the daily enjoyment of what you do. All of these can lead to your happiness at work. Even when you have no control over your daily tasks at work, you have the right to choose how you do and how you view them!

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