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The ability to share full-screen images is coming to Instagram soon

BingMag.com The <b>ability</b> to <b>share</b> <b>full-screen</b> <b>images</b> is <b>coming</b> to <b>Instagram</b> soon

Apparently, Instagram wants to provide the possibility of sharing very long images in order to be more compatible with full-screen rails.

The high popularity of Tik Tok application It caused Instagram to imitate a series of the best features of this social network and implement it in its application. These include Rails, which allows users to record and share a few seconds of video. With the recent changes, Instagram has shown that it wants to move away from the previous form and image that this application had before and focus on a new topic. Now the company's focus is more on content producers, and in this regard, the company tries to invest more in them and help them to be seen by different people. Of course, this is if they use Rails to publish videos, because normally their videos get a low rank.

Apart from these, the more important thing is that now thanks to Rails, it is possible to share videos. Full screen is available, but images cannot be shared with users in this way. This is the reason why sometimes if we want to post a long image on Instagram, it takes a very bad shape or its details are not clear at all. As a result, Instagram, according to its own words, thought that it should treat video and image in the same way. Currently, users can share images with a ratio of 4:5 on this network, but apparently, support for a narrower and longer image ratio of 9:16 will be added soon.

One of the disadvantages of trying to Similar to Tik Tok, when the user wanted to share an image with a 9:16 aspect ratio, because there was no support for such a mode in the application, it caused the image to go out of its natural state. Many users criticized these Instagram policies so that the company finally had to do something to satisfy them.

BingMag.com The <b>ability</b> to <b>share</b> <b>full-screen</b> <b>images</b> is <b>coming</b> to <b>Instagram</b> soonBingMag.com The <b>ability</b> to <b>share</b> <b>full-screen</b> <b>images</b> is <b>coming</b> to <b>Instagram</b> soon

Of course, during the conversation he had regarding this new feature, Adam Mossari repeatedly pointed out that the full screen feature is not necessary for images at all, and only for Compatibility with full-page rails will be added to Instagram. Although this feature will be added to the popular social network, it is not mandatory, and users can share images at the same size if they wish.

In general, Instagram's own data shows that the changes have been made. It has not been approved by users on this platform and it has made them use the application less. It was recently that we heard that the Kardashians reacted negatively to this issue and requested Instagram to return to its former form. In this regard, Adam Moussari said that they should take a few steps back and think about how to move forward.

With a big competitor like Tik Tok, Instagram doesn't have much room to make mistakes. Although he has done this many times, we must say that he actually burned his coupon. Now every action by this company must be calculated and with a complete plan, otherwise, its future will be in danger.

Source: The Verge

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