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The ability to recognize personalized speech will soon be available in Google Assistant

In March 2021, Google added federal learning (participatory learning) to Android, allowing Google Assistant to recognize the "Hey Google" command for Call it expressed, improve. Now, however, it is said that a feature called "Personalized speech Recognition" will be added to Google Assistant, which will improve its performance in recognizing frequently used letters and words.

Sometimes using Assistant Audio can even save users' lives, so companies are working every year to improve their performance. One of these companies is Google, which, because of its outstanding performance in the field of artificial intelligence, has been able to train its voice Assistant in a way that it currently has the best performance compared to other existing voice assistants.

Every year, Google pays special attention to the assistant, and this year, at its I/O event, it introduced the possibility of talking to it just by looking at the camera. ability to talk to "Hey Google" without having to say "Hey Google". Of course, the American company has not added this feature to the Assistant yet, but it is said that it is working on it.

Another feature that is supposed to be added to Google Assistant soon is the ability to recognize personalized speech. . Thanks to this new feature, Google Assistant will be able to record and store your voices on the phone so that it can analyze what you say and what you say most by analyzing your speech. This is exactly the learning technique that Google is using to improve speech recognition capabilities on its smartphones. Because when your voice Assistant can understand and understand your speech habits, it will meet your needs much more easily. With the decoding of the latest version of the Google app (Google), the source website found that Google is working on this new feature. Also, in the case of stored voices, there is no need to worry about abusing them, as the user can delete them at any time.

As mentioned earlier, this information is decoded. Google application obtained. In other words, just because this information is seen in the code of the application does not mean that we will soon see the official release of this feature for Google Assistant. This may not even happen; Nothing is known at the moment and we have to wait and see what more news will be published on this issue. But regardless of the time of its official release, this feature looks really amazing and can transform the interaction with the voice assistant.

Source: 9to5Google

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