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Ability to delete search history 15 minutes ago was added to the Google app

BingMag.com <b>Ability</b> to <b>delete</b> <b>search</b> <b>history</b> 15 <b>minutes</b> <b>ago</b> was <b>added</b> to the <b>Google</b> app

The Google app on Android phones in the new update it received allows the user to clear even the previous 15 minutes' search history. <//>

According to The Verge website, which claims to have confirmed the news from Google itself Received, this feature is currently being released for all Android phones and should be available for all phones in the coming weeks. It seems that only a small number of users have received the update so far, but it is expected that by the end of this month, the number of these people will increase significantly.

Currently, both major mobile platforms are officially Have received this feature. But Google also has a flat web version that we have to see when this update will be released. To check to see if this update has been released for your phone, you can log in to the Google app on your Android phone and tap on your profile picture. In this section, if there is something called delete last 15 minutes, it means that you have received this new update, otherwise you have to wait for it to be released to you.

BingMag.com <b>Ability</b> to <b>delete</b> <b>search</b> <b>history</b> 15 <b>minutes</b> <b>ago</b> was <b>added</b> to the <b>Google</b> app BingMag.com <b>Ability</b> to <b>delete</b> <b>search</b> <b>history</b> 15 <b>minutes</b> <b>ago</b> was <b>added</b> to the <b>Google</b> app

Interestingly, Google initially decided to offer this feature by the end of 2021 for only the best Android phones. But we do not know why, but for some reason, not only was this postponed, but it is no longer "just the flag bearer." This means that all users who have an Android phone and use Google can get this feature.

On desktop systems, Google allows users to clear their search history every 3/18 or 36 months. By default, all new Google Accounts are also set up to automatically clear their search every 18 months.

Just enter search history through the My Activity section and select a specific day or time period to delete the search history in the Google app. On Android phones, too, the user can define a specific interval for clearing the search history by clicking on search history below their profile picture in the Google app.

This update has its own special uses. From preventing congestion to deleting items that we do not want to have effects on our phone. Because at the moment the minimum amount you can consider for this is only 3 months and it does not seem like a good time at all. However, you should clear your search history before 15 minutes have elapsed, otherwise you will have to wait three months for them to be deleted again. Have you received this update?

Source: Android Central

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