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The 90-year-old actor of Star Trek travels to the edge of space with Blue Origin flight

BingMag.com The 90-year-old actor of Star Trek travels to the edge of space with Blue Origin flight

William Shatner, the veteran actor in the role of "Captain Kirk" of the Star Trek series, in a bold move intends to travel to the edge of space by the Blue Origin spacecraft. William Shatner, star of Star Trek or Star Trek, and Audrey Powers, deputy director of missions and flight operations for Blue Origin, two new passengers on the New Shepard spacecraft. These are the companies that are going to the edge of space with the second manned flight.

There was a rumor a week ago that the 90-year-old actor will be on the second flight of "Blue Origin" and now he Has confirmed the rumors. "Yes, that's right," Shatner wrote on Twitter. I'm going to be a rocket man! " The other takes place in a 10-minute flight to an altitude of 107 km.

The Canadian-American actor has been closely following many space launch programs. For example, three months ago, they were present with Anousheh Ansari as a special guest at the Virgin Galactic space flight event. "I've heard about space for years," he said. I now take this opportunity to see for myself. What a miracle! Blue Origin's announcement about the flight comes just days after about 20 current and former Blue Origin employees posted articles on the Lioness website raising concerns about safety practices and general culture. The company stated. In particular, they noted that "many of the authors of this article say that they are not willing to fly in a Blue Origin vehicle."

And we believe that the New Shepard is the safest space vehicle ever designed or built. "

BingMag.com The 90-year-old actor of Star Trek travels to the edge of space with Blue Origin flight

Audrey Powers (right) and William Shatner, who visit the launch site of the New Shepard spacecraft.
Credit: Blue Origin

Powers, Blue Missions "I am very proud to be launching into space on behalf of the Blue Origin team and to continue the history of the company's spaceflight," Origin, who appears to be in space in his official position and not as a customer, said in a similar statement. "I was part of a comprehensive effort to verify the New Shepard manned flight certification," he added. An action that ended in July 2021. "As an engineer and lawyer with more than two decades of experience in the aerospace industry, I have a lot of confidence in the New Shepherd team and the vehicle we have developed." New Shepard flight announced: Chris Boshuizen, co-founder of Planet Labs, and len de Vries, vice president of life sciences and health at the company The French software Dassault Systmes, better known as engineering software such as Solidworks. This space flight makes William Shatner the oldest person to reach space. The Wally Funk record breaks the 82-year-old aviation veteran who flew to the edge of space at the invitation of Jeff Bezos on a previous Blue Origin flight. However, the oldest person to reach Earth orbit and, of course, the first American to reach space was John Glenn, who made his last space flight at the age of 77.

Interesting point That is, at least for the previous flight, a level of physical fitness was required, which included height and weight restrictions. Passengers should also be able to climb seven steps in 90 seconds and stay in a reclining seat for at least 90 seconds. Blue Origin has not yet publicly announced the cost of traveling with New Shepard. On its first manned flight, the company held an auction to sell one of the seats for $ 28 million, but the bidder decided not to travel.

Cover Photo: Actor William Shatner and CEO Jeff Bezos Blue Origin
Credit: PA/Getty

Source: Space

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