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In 2022, Instagram will pay special attention to Rails and video content

BingMag.com In 2022, <b>Instagram</b> will <b>pay</b> <b>special</b> <b>attention</b> to <b>Rails</b> and <b>video</b> content

Apparently, Instagram wants to pay special attention to the Rails section in 2022, and this shows how popular video sharing has become among users.

News at a Glance

  • Instagram is set to pay special attention to the Rails sector in 2022.
  • Rails is currently offering video content producers Helps to share long-term videos in the same main feed.
  • Control features will be added to the app soon, including parental controls.

With the increasing desire of users to share video on social network pages, especially Instagram, which is exactly the nature of this, the creators of the application decided in 2022 to pay special attention to Rails, which is one of the main parts of the application.


Instagram used to be more of an image-sharing app, and videos can be accessed in a very short time They were fragmented. But over time, with the advent of competitors such as TickTook, Instagram has now become a platform where even 60-minute videos can be uploaded.

But it seems that in 2022, Instagram will pay attention. There will be more and more sections like Rails. According to Adam Mousri himself, Instagram will integrate all the capabilities of the video Rails section to achieve a single but practical and good thing.

We are re-examining the nature of Instagram as the world The pace is changing and we need to change with it.

This was part of what Adam Moseri said about the importance of changing Instagram. This popular social network has seen a lot of changes in recent times, most of which were related to video. In October, IGTV was shut down, allowing long videos to be shared even on the home screen. However, to watch the full video, users still had to tap on it to be able to do so via Rails. But unlike IGTV, Rails is a feature integrated with Instagram, so that when we open the video, it gives you the feeling that you are still on Instagram. But IGTV looked a little different.

  • PhoneArena's research confirms that Instagram is harmful to children

Adam Mousri also noted that In order to help content creators, Instagram will add features to the app that will make it easier for them to earn money. In addition, special attention will be paid to the messaging sector in 2022. It should be noted that the feed display based on the sharing date will probably return to this social network again.

According to the CEO of Instagram, the company's attention to control and limiting factors will be more and more serious. An issue that has plagued the company for several months. From the app being harmful to teenage girls to bots sharing inappropriate content, everyone has been thinking about Instagram solutions that prevent users under the age of 13 from accessing the social network. Parental control was also expected to be added, which is not known at this time. The goal was for users to have more control over their experiences with the app. In his speeches, he mentioned things like inappropriate content control, hiding the number of likes and secret words in the private chat section as control measures that were taken, but still this popular social network has many weaknesses in this section that should be waited and seen. When will we see them go away?

Source: Business Standard

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