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The 2022 Formula One season will be even more exciting

BingMag.com The 2022 Formula One season will be even more exciting

Formula One racing in the 2022 season is set to mark a new beginning for the sport, and in addition to overcoming the corona epidemic, the rules change to see more exciting races. We will be.

As it turns out, we are going to see good things happen in the 2022 Formula One season. The appearance of the cars will be different, different engines will form their hearts, and the aerodynamics of the cars, which are based on "ground effect", will help the drivers to follow each other closer to the track and perform overtaking maneuvers more easily. But in addition to seeing a more exciting Formula One year next season than a decade ago, the 2022 race will also break records by holding 23 Grand Prix-approved by the FIA Motor Sports Council (FIA). Although this table can be accompanied by small changes, it still holds the record in the history of competitions with 23 matches. Prior to this, the 2021 season had a record of 22 races.

  • Complete list of drivers and teams for the 2021 Formula One season

The next season starts on March 20 (March 29) in Bahrain and ends on November 20, 2022 (November 29, 1401) in Abu Dhabi. The United States is hosting a total of two competitions, which will be held on May 8 (May 18) in Miami and October 23 (November 1) in Austin, Texas, respectively. However, the list of these competitions does not currently include China, which is still facing the problems of the Corona epidemic. March 20) Sakhir, Bahrain

  • April 7 (March 27) Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
  • April 10 (April 10) Melbourne, Australia
  • May 4 April) Imola, Italy
  • May 18 (May 8) Miami, USA
  • June 1 (May 22) Barcelona, Spain
  • June 8 (May 29) Monaco, Monaco
  • 22 June (June 12) Baku, Azerbaijan
  • 29 June (June 19) Montreal, Canada
  • 12 July (3 July) Silverstone, England
  • July 10 Spielberg, Austria
  • August 2 (July 24) Le Castel, France
  • August 9 (July 31) Budapest, Hungary
  • 6 September (28 August) Spa, Belgium
  • 13 September (4 September) Zandfurt, The Netherlands
  • 20 September (11 September) Monza, Italy
  • October 25 (September 25) Sochi, Russia
  • October 10 (October 2) Singapore, Singapore
  • October 18 (October 9) Suzuka, Japan October 1, Austin, United States Mexico City, Mexico November 22 Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • November 29, Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • Jean Todt, President of the International Automobile Federation, said: "(F1) has shown considerable resilience, as evidenced by the growth of the sport despite the major challenges of the Corona epidemic."

    It will be and I'm looking forward to it. "

    Source: Auto Evolution

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