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19 new things you can do in iOS 15

BingMag.com 19 new things you can do in iOS 15

iOS 15 has finally been released for all iPhone users compatible with this version, which has several new features. In this article, we are going to discuss 19 new features of this operating system that you can take advantage of after installing it.

1. Increase Focus

iOS 15 has a new feature called Focus that you can find in the settings section. Overall, this feature is very similar to Do Not Disturb, but you can define different profiles for work, home, travel, or other, and specify different notification rules for each of these profiles. There is also an option to notify the other party when you send a text message that you have cut off your phone notifications.

2. Enhanced Sharing

Many iOS apps like Photos, Safari, Apple Music, and Apple Podcasts now have new sections called Shared With You. In these sections, you can see all the items that have been shared with you through the Messages app.

3. Schedule notifications

BingMag.com 19 new things you can do in iOS 15

on iOS 15 In the notifications section you can see the Scheduled Summary option. Using this option, you can specify that the notifications of your desired applications are displayed side by side at specific times.

4. Portrait mode in FaceTime

As you know, portrait mode blurs people in the background, and now you can use this feature during FaceTime video calls. When making a video call, tap your image to enlarge, then just tap the portrait icon on the left side of the top.

5. Sharing Health Information

Although health information for almost everyone is completely private, sometimes we want to share it with our parents or doctor, for example. Apple Health app in iOS 15 allows users to share the information in this app with the people they want.

6. Checking gait stability

BingMag.com 19 new things you can do in iOS 15

Another Features of the Health app in iOS 15 are called Walking Steadiness. This feature monitors how the user is walking and, for example, if problems with the issue become more severe over time, it announces that in the future there is a possibility that the person will fall while walking. This feature is useful for the elderly and people with disabilities.

7. ICloud Private Relay feature

BingMag.com 19 new things you can do in iOS 15

People who use the paid iCloud + service can now take advantage of a new feature called iCloud Private Relay. This feature does some VPN work and encrypts users' information while using the Internet.

8. Warning to leave different gadgets

Find My app in iOS 15 has a new feature that, for example, when the distance between iPhone and MacBook or Apple Watch is more than a certain limit, notification about leaving It is displayed.

9. Use the camera to read text

In iOS 15 there is a new feature called Live Text that you can use through the Camera or Photos app. This feature simply converts all text in images into digital text, which you can then easily copy. In addition to typed texts, this feature also recognizes handwriting and supports several different languages.

10. More details on Apple Maps

BingMag.com 19 new things you can do in iOS 15

If Zoom in on the map of some cities on Apple Maps, you can see 3D models of some important buildings. Among the cities that have received such a feature are San Francisco, London, New York and Los Angeles.

11. Augmented Reality Routing

Another new feature of Apple Maps is modeled directly on Google Maps, and in some cities you can use augmented reality navigation to find your way around.

12. Install Safari Plugins

BingMag.com 19 new things you can do in iOS 15

iOS 15 Browser Safari supports plugins. In the iOS settings section, go to Safari and then Extensions to see what extensions are currently enabled in your browser, and to access more extensions, go to the More Extensions section.

13. Grouping tabs in Safari

Another new feature of Safari is the ability to group tabs in this browser. To do this, tap on the tab icon (in the form of two rectangles, at the bottom right) and then select the Tabs option, and you can easily group different tabs.

14. Safari motion command for refresh

In the new version of Safari, like almost all mobile browsers, you can refresh the site by swiping down, and to do this you no longer need to click on the dedicated button. Tap.

15. Enhanced Memories

Features In the latest version of iOS, the Memories feature, which can make photos by combining photos, has been improved. Apple Music is now offering music for these clips, and these clips have also become more visually appealing, and the number of ready-made formats has also increased.

16. Increase privacy control

BingMag.com 19 new things you can do in iOS 15

in settings iOS 15 If you go to the Privacy section and look at the end of this section, you can see the Record App Activity option. If you enable this option, all access to the various applications will be recorded in the last 7 days, and you can see at what hours and days which applications have requested access to location data, photos, contact list and camera.

17. Increasing the Attraction of Waves

Wave features increase with each new version of iOS, and iOS 15 is no exception. In this version, users have more access to personalization options for their desired waves.

18. Storing Certificates in the Apple Wallet Phones

Currently users in 8 US states can store their certificates digitally in the Apple Wallet app. The process for doing this is similar to storing credit card information.

19. Watching a batch of videos on Facebook

One of the cool features of iOS 15 is not currently enabled, but it will be enabled soon with the release of an update, according to Apple. By activating this feature, FaceTime allows users to watch movies and TV series on Apple TV Plus or listen to Apple Music tracks with their friends via video call.

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