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16 Big Mistakes in Resume Writing and How to Avoid Them

BingMag.com 16 <b>Big</b> <b>Mistakes</b> in <b>Resume</b> <b>Writing</b> and <b>How</b> to <b>Avoid</b> Them

There are many articles and content on the Internet that claim to solve your resume/study problems. But the fact is that there is no quick fix and no guarantee for the Resume you need. Therefore, stay away from people who make such claims. Research shows that there are about 250 applicants for each job advertisement. Therefore, managers have seen different resumes and are completely in control of them. These managers even realize the tricks that applicants may use. So, if you want to use these tricks when Writing a resume, it is better to pause and reconsider. These tricks may become traps in the way of gaining that job title.

1. Use Visual Elements

While using a relevant template or framework can definitely get your audience's attention to your resume, you need to be extra careful when using visual elements that are very noticeable. This is true for bright colors, long charts, graphics and charts. Of course, if you are presenting your Resume as a graphic designer, such uses are not objectionable and can be relevant to your field. But keep in mind that overuse of these elements can make your Resume unreadable. Some companies use automated Resume review systems, which can make your Resume illegible.

Also note that inserting a photo of yourself on top of another Resume is obsolete. Doing so can open the door to many forms of discrimination. Employers may immediately reject your Resume to Avoid any possible charges. Of course, doing this is still common in sectors and industries where the appearance of people is important (such as the modeling sector).

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Therefore, using visual elements, although a trick to make your Resume more visible, may act as a trap and turn your Resume into a mistake.

2 . Excessive use of keywords

Adding a keyword section to highlight your specific skill set is a great way to showcase your abilities. These short words are read quickly and can have a positive effect on the employer's mind. Using this section can also ensure that the recruiter can easily see your skills.

However, one mistake of Resume Writing is that this section is large enough to prevent other sections of the Resume from being seen. Be your work. In addition, some try to hide the weakness of some of their work history by inserting a wide range of keywords and abilities. You may think this is a clever trick, but hiring people usually understand these points. So, this trick can have a negative effect on your Resume and become a trap.

However, keep in mind that no matter How much you talk about your abilities and skills. As long as they are not next to work history and related achievements, they will not matter.

3. Prolonged

This trick of Resume Writing is especially true for mid- and senior-level professionals. If your strategy is to surprise hiring managers by showing your complete work history, it is better to reconsider this decision. This is actually one of the most serious Mistakes job seekers can make. They think that the longer and more complete their resume, the more qualified they are, and this indicates their high ability.

However, if you have 20 years of experience, the recruiter has no interest in reviewing. Daily activities will not have your first years and work experience.

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In total, The proper length of a Resume depends on your current job position, but the standard mode is about 2 pages. However, summarizing and selectively inserting items can make your work more readable and effective.

Personal Information

The inclusion of any personal information other than contact information (such as email, contact number, LinkedIn address and city and province of residence) has no place in modern resumes. Details about interests, habits, family life and the like are of no importance to the interviewer and recruiter. This information will not help you to know more about your personality and facilitate employment.

On the other hand, do not try to be too creative in entering your Resume information. This style of writing, while it may be appealing, is risky.

BingMag.com 16 <b>Big</b> <b>Mistakes</b> in <b>Resume</b> <b>Writing</b> and <b>How</b> to <b>Avoid</b> Them

5. Instead of entering personal information, write your Resume purposefully

Be sure to provide only a brief overview of your professional life. If you have a short and insignificant work experience, instead of focusing on personal information and margins, state your work and career goals and How you are trying to achieve them and How these goals can benefit the company.

6. Inserting unrelated work history

When Writing a resume, you should only list work experiences and skills that are specifically relevant to the job position you are applying for. The hiring manager considers certain skills and needs to find out if you have those skills. Can you add the skills an organization needs to them?

Not providing enough details

Typically, when listing your professional experience on a resume, it is best to list about 3 to 5 details of that work experience to show if this is the case. Have you been successful and what exactly were you doing?

Giving less details may not provide enough evidence to the employer to convince them that you are suitable for the job.

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8. Inserting Unrelated Skills

Just as inserting irrelevant work history as a Resume mistake, inserting unrelated skills can hurt your resume. For example, if the introduction of customer service skills has nothing to do with the demand for a job in the manufacturing sector, because in this sector there is no customer interaction.

9. Using a Common Resume for All Job Applications

Some people create a comprehensive Resume and use it for all of their job applications. But this should be considered a Resume mistake. When preparing a resume, you should only list the items that are most relevant to the job. Doing so may take a little longer, but it will definitely be worth it.

Enter the wrong contact information

Note that your contact information is complete and up to date. Your contact number should be available and your address should be relevant to your current location; Therefore, make sure that your information is always reviewed and updated.

11. Job Descriptions Instead of Job Achievements

Job responsibilities may be common to different areas of work. But the achievements are only related to your professional efforts and allow the employer to find out if you have the ability to perform the tasks they want and can benefit their company.

We recommend that you include your job titles in Submit a resume, but provide details on each of these topics. Dedicate these details to accomplishments that show the hiring manager How your previous performance has benefited the organizations you worked for. For example, simply stating a sales manager at Company X is not enough. It is better to add that I was able to increase the company's sales by 30% in a period of 1 year by applying the Y strategy.

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12. Very Short

Resumes are usually 1 or 2 pages long. Submitting resumes that are too short or too long can have a negative effect. If you have a lot of work experience, maybe 3 pages will not be a problem in the end. But if you are new, do not prolong your Resume with trivial information; One page is enough.

13. Structural and grammatical flaws

Before sending a Resume to any person or organization, be sure to read it carefully and fix its structural and grammatical flaws. In addition, your Resume should be structured in a simple, clean, legible font. Also Avoid long, detailed descriptions.

In terms of color, we recommend that the colors be consistent. Avoid using bright colors. This is because they may distract the senses and cause another piece of information to be invisible. Use formal fonts for text fonts. If your text is in English, Times New Roman or Arial (in black) fonts are appropriate. If you write Persian text, Nazanin, Mitra and Yakan fonts are among the official and free fonts.

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14 . Use of non-professional email

Your business email should be with your first and last name. Only then will your email address appear official and professional. Never use specific names, conversations, long emails, or anything other than your own name on your resume.

Asking for a very high salary

You may have a minimum wage for yourself and you have your reasons for doing so. But we recommend that you do not include this figure in your resume. This may remove you from the list of options in the first place; Especially when that company and group can not afford the amount you want. The best way to Avoid this mistake is to write nothing about it in your resume. Discussions about salaries and benefits usually take place during the interview.

16. Excessive use of technical terms

Excessive use of specialized terms and terms is another Resume mistake that many people make. Note that your Resume is likely to be reviewed by the company's human resources department, and they may not have that much specialized information. In any case, overdoing it is completely unnecessary and unreasonable, and may even cause the employer to ignore some of the information. As much as possible, try to keep all parts of your Resume simple, legible and understandable.

Finally, we recommend that you send the final file to a friend and relative to Avoid any Mistakes in Resume writing. Read and comment on it. They will probably notice the parts that are out of your sight. After correcting these sections, you can submit a more flawless and professional version of your Resume for the job.

Sources: Indeed, Fastcompany

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