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150 million users use Huawei HarmonyOS

BingMag.com 150 million users use Huawei HarmonyOS

The Huawei Developers Conference was held a few days ago and the CEO of the company, Richard Yu, revealed some interesting details about the consumer gadgets section of the company. According to him, HarmonyOS is currently running on 150 million Huawei products, making it the fastest-growing operating system in history. Extraordinary terminals and the use of multiple devices in the same ecosystem will be released soon. HarmonyOS's 150 million installations include a variety of devices, including phones, tablets, smart TVs, smartwatches and the Internet of Things. The Harmony operating system is designed with interaction and collaboration between devices in mind.

BingMag.com 150 million users use Huawei HarmonyOS

During this conference, Huawei has introduced new tools that developers can use for a variety of hardware to complement and improve operating system performance. The announcement was made as part of a keynote address at the 2021 Developers Conference. , Smart offices, HMS Core (Huawei Mobile Service Edition) and more. Huawei CEO also noted that the number of HarmonyOS installations will reach 200 million by the end of 2021, which will be a tremendous growth.

What a harmonious operating system is and how it came to be has a long history, but in a nutshell it can be traced back to the war between China and the United States over domination of the tech world. As you know, in 2019, the United States imposed sanctions on the Chinese company Huawei; As a result, all the electronic devices made by the company were faced with a lack of support for Google services. As a result of the restrictions, the company decided to design its own proprietary operating system, called the Harmony OS, for the first time. In addition, all of these sanctions have become an incentive for the Chinese to become fully independent in the field of technology and may even be able to dominate the tech world in the future. The agent, which is to be distributed free of charge, is described for different types of hardware and is based on microkernels. It was recently announced at a conference that the Harmony operating system is a completely open source system and can be run on any device with 128MB of RAM up to 4GB or even more. As a result, the operating system can be run on other companies' phones, and the HarmonyOS operating system is expected to be used by at least three other major smartphone companies (possibly Chinese companies Xiaomi, Oppo and Vivo, which have decided to support The company has taken their compatriot).

BingMag.com 150 million users use Huawei HarmonyOS

At first, the new Huawei operating system only supported the smart TVs of this brand But as US sanctions pressure increased, the company increased its speed and readiness to support HarmonyOS with more devices. In fact, Huawei's operating system is not just software, but a complete ecosystem. Harmony creates a single user interface that is automatically compatible with multiple devices. Shown in SuperDevice. SuperDevice is a term that Huawei puts on one of Harmony's vast capabilities, meaning a device beyond the usual capabilities with the capabilities of several different devices. In fact, Harmony can run on devices with very low RAM, up to 128 MB. You may think that there is no other phone with such a low RAM, but the point is that this operating system runs on a variety of electronic devices, and of course a device like a mixer does not need high RAM, and despite the low RAM. It can run the Harmony operating system. The advantage of this feature is evident in super devices.

In Huawei, user security has been a priority since day one. The company is now working to ensure that users can easily use these features without any worries. For example, when a contact wants to unlock their phone, they can enable multifaceted or shared authentication mode, which includes authentication by clock, face, and information, but this mechanism can do more than authentication by an invoice. Be trustworthy. The Harmony security solution for the super device works by verifying the ID of a device as well as the public-private connection key, and only when all of these factors are verified can the connection between the two face devices be established.

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