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15 effective tactics for dealing with a jealous colleague

BingMag.com 15 <b>effective</b> <b>tactics</b> for <b>dealing</b> with a <b>jealous</b> colleague

The world of work is very difficult and to progress you have to face its difficulties. Sometimes this means confronting a jealous colleague. Fortunately, there are ways to deal with this and impress the manager without being disrespectful. It is difficult to understand the cause of a colleague's negative behavior. Sometimes the loss of a co-worker's negative attitude towards you may not have anything to do with you or your work performance. Your co-worker may have a personality disorder or be angry with everyone at work. Something may have happened in his personal life that has nothing to do with work, but he has conveyed this negative feeling to the work environment.

A jealous coworker is upset by the encouragement and reward you receive. He is angry and wants what you have. The worst part of jealousy is that it erodes the soul and loses energy. But as long as the jealous colleague can not let go of his jealousy and anger towards you, he may go for revenge. You may be completely innocent and find yourself falling victim to his malicious and childish behavior. Your goal is to protect yourself and, if possible, help your co-worker to think positively. What should you do if all your co-workers feel jealous of you? In this article, we have introduced solutions to deal with a jealous colleague.

1. Examine yourself

Ask yourself, 'Am I motivated by this? You may be less humble than your co-workers. Did you define yourself a lot after being promoted? This can cause jealousy.

2. Silence is very valuable

If you feel the need to brag and compliment yourself, do it outside of work. You do not want to feel proud of your co-workers. No one can misinterpret silence.

3. Do well

Do not relax even when others feel jealous of you. You still have responsibilities and duties and other people depend on you to do their job. So keep working well.

Do not harbor jealousy

BingMag.com 15 <b>effective</b> <b>tactics</b> for <b>dealing</b> with a <b>jealous</b> colleague

Jealousy often stems more from one's insecurities than from what you do . The next time you are jealous of your coworker, try to remember that the person may be struggling with feelings of inadequacy and that your success is a threat to their self-worth.

5. Be a Leader

If you are known for doing something well, why not share it with other people and teach them? By doing this, you will get out of the individual mode and strengthen the whole group.

6. Appreciate others

Send a thank you email to the jealous person. Jealousy does not necessarily make them a bad person. Appreciation for their hard work will show that you are not trying to take their place and you appreciate their efforts.

Focus on Sponsors

You can not make everyone happy. It is better to spend your energy on people who appreciate what you do. Fill your surroundings with people who encourage you and value your opinion.

Do not apologize

Empathy is good, but why not be proud of yourself? You have found your way to where you are and you have worked hard to reach it. Do not stop just because you are jealous of another person.

9. Change your perspective

jealous people are small Avoid drowning in their game. Remember that jealousy is a sign of immaturity. That person needs to learn more about life and interacting with people before they progress.

Ignore people's jealousy

BingMag.com 15 <b>effective</b> <b>tactics</b> for <b>dealing</b> with a <b>jealous</b> colleague

What is the big problem? Jealousy is a byproduct of success. Do not let the opinions of others hold you back. Jealousy can go away if you do not enter.

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11. Keep your conversations friendly

Do not get into arguments, especially when other colleagues are present.

Say that each person's effort is evaluated on the basis of merit.

One person's good work is not determined by another person's bad work, and the value of one person's work is not determined by the other person's lack of value. The good or bad of each person's work is determined by him/her.

13. Encourage your co-worker

Help your co-worker identify personal goals and develop individual-specific skills and expertise. This strengthens his sense of self-worth.

14. Disarm a jealous coworker with an honest definition

Do something that makes him love you just when he hates you. Praise her for every good thing she does, talk about her interests, and make constructive suggestions for thinking about something that has never happened to her before.

Take Precautions

When your co-worker is jealous, do not let his anger continue and ruin your good judgment. Protect yourself. For situations where you can not deal with a jealous coworker alone, contact the human resources management or the appropriate authorities at your place of work and ask them for help.


Eliminate jealousy in The workplace requires a lot of effort. The higher you go, the more criticism you get. You should not let your jealous coworker stop you from making progress. You have been waiting for this success. Deal with Jealousy in the Workplace Using the Techniques Introduced.

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