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11 things you can do in Windows 11 that were not possible before

Windows 11 has just been introduced as the new Microsoft operating system and uses useful features that were not possible with previous versions of Windows.

Before installing, be sure to check the Windows 11 upgrade guide . Although all programs and files should remain intact after updating, it is always a good idea to make a backup copy of the information. It is also best not to rush to upgrade to Windows 11 as there may be potential unresolved bugs in the initial release that will be fixed with future updates.

  • Check Windows 11; New operating system still under development

But if you are generally skeptical about updating, here is a list of all the features of Windows 11 that you can use in Windows 10 and before without using it. Indirect methods are not possible.

1. Using Snap Layout

Although in Windows 10 you can also drag open windows to the side or corner of the screen to hold them in place and sort open programs, but Windows 11 introduces Snap Layout entirely based on This smart layout is built-in.

Hold down the cursor to zoom in and out, or press Win + Z on the keyboard to see options for preset layout designs. Existing layouts depend on the width of your screen, but this is definitely a good feature of Windows 11 that makes it easier to arrange windows in advance.

2. Quick Desktop Management

Windows 10 also supports virtual desktops, or as Microsoft puts it, "desktops," but Windows 11 has made them easier and more accessible. By default, after installing the new operating system, a button with two black and white rectangles will appear in the taskbar. Place the cursor on it and click on New Desktop to have more workspace. This feature allows you to access more applications quickly and without the need for an additional physical display.

BingMag.com 11 things you can do in Windows 11 that were not possible before

Multiple desktops in Windows 11
Screenshot: Windows 11

3. Open the files from the Start menu

The Start menu in Windows 11 has been redesigned and you will notice it from the beginning. Now this menu, along with the list of programs, has become the central port of files and your history of using programs. The files you will see depend on the usage of Microsoft Office 365 and the number of computers synchronized with your Microsoft cloud account. To personalize, you can go to Personalization and select Start from Windows Settings.

4. Stay focused with the clock program

The clock program in Windows 11 is not just about time. This app helps you stay focused at certain times, such as work and study. Open the Clock app and then select the Focus sessions option from the left panel. Then, when you click Get Started, you will be asked to set your own tasks and schedule. Add (Spotify) to help you stay focused.

Quick connection to Microsoft Thames

Fans of Microsoft's rival "Slack" can now be happy! Teams software is now integrated with Windows 11 and can be seen directly in the taskbar after updating the operating system. An app that Microsoft cites as the primary way to connect with friends, family, and co-workers. Follow the image, audio or text.

BingMag.com 11 things you can do in Windows 11 that were not possible before

Microsoft Thames
Screenshot: Windows 11 Multiple desktops in Windows 11
Screenshot: Windows 11

6. A Windows with a more modern look

Windows 11 brings with it a major overhaul of software. So everything looks more modern and can be said to be specifically designed for today's devices.

Open "File Explorer" or "Windows Settings" for example. You will find that compared to Windows 10, better space, colors and designs are used and it is more attractive overall.

7. More on Battery Consumption

Open Windows Settings and select System and Power & Battery. You'll find more details on how to drain your device in Windows 11, and you can even select Battery Usage for more information. It also represents a user interface optimized for touch and keyboard-free use that requires higher resolution, more space with larger images and buttons and menus.

BingMag.com 11 things you can do in Windows 11 that were not possible before

Microsoft Store
Screenshot: Windows 11

8. New and Improved Microsoft Store

Windows 11 offers a new and better version of the Microsoft Store with better tuning and more integration with digital content such as movies and a sleeker look. It's easier to navigate right now, and even if some of the applications were incomplete, you can expect more improvement in the coming months. Especially in the field of gaming, which Microsoft has greatly improved in Windows 11.

9. Easy-to-use Second Screen

One of the improvements Windows 11 has that you may not notice at first glance is the way it detects the secondary screen. The software now remembers the installation layout of the second monitor, so if you disconnect and reconnect the display, the application layout will return to its previous position. This is a small change, but it will be useful for anyone using multiple monitors.

BingMag.com 11 things you can do in Windows 11 that were not possible before

Multi-screen management
Screenshot: Windows 11

10. Manage taskbar widgets

The widgets or widgets we previously saw in the Windows 10 Update with a pop-up window next to the Notifications section now have their own icon in Windows 11 and more options to choose from. Click on the taskbar to view news, weather, upcoming calendar appointments, tips for using Windows 11, and more. Then click Add Widgets to set which widgets are displayed on the screen and which are hidden.

Running Android apps

This is one of the main features of Windows 11, which although not available in the initial release, we will see it soon with the next updates and you can download Android apps from the Amazon App Store.

It is not clear at this time exactly when the update will be released to run Android apps, but we know that running Android apps will be exactly the same as standard Windows apps, and you can, for example, drag them to the corners of the screen or pin them to the taskbar.

Cover Photo: Graphic Design of Windows 11
Credit: Microsoft

Barrier: Gizmodo

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